stop creating a climate of fear!


You know it’s bad when the British Bolshevism Channel covers it.

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ok. listen up political correct people! if you’re someone who reflexively calls others “racists” or “neofascists” without first checking into whether or not they actually are, you need to STOP it, because you’re creating a climate of fear in which people are afraid to do their jobs.

and now i’m not talking about some academics sitting comfortably in their ivy towers, i’m talking about governmental agencies like THE POLICE and child welfare services. here’s where your pc moral posturing has gotten us today:

Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN

• Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham
• The figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale
• Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with…

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Zoe Quinn isn’t a target of misogyny, men are hiding her with an internet blackout


Signal boost: Read the whole thing, if you can.

As the feminists repeatedly say, gaming and the games industry is run by men. When the facts of Zoe Quinn’s cheating and whoring for promotion are suppressed, this is being done by men.

Why would anybody with any sort of social, governmental, or technological power care whether a used-up looking female game designer slept with a few guys to further her career? After all, these sorts of transactional exchanges happens every day in the corporate world, don’t they?…

n.b. And they’re probably illegal.

This precisely is why Zoe Quinn’s actions are so damaging—she would be the perfect useful idiot for anyone desiring to make legions of low-testosterone males question everything they are fed from birth about the nature of women and humanity in general. Her well-documented actions (at least prior to the gag order) show that women are no exception to the idea that all humans can be vile, opportunistic, and self-serving given the right motivations. That women are not the helpless damsels-in-distress snowflakes that need white knighting, special treatment, and “protected group” status. And that social justice warriors, for all of their self-righteous bluster, are perhaps even more full-of-shit than the rest of us when their actions go under the microscope.

RoK agreed in part with Anita, I am shocked.

The face of journalistic integrity.

Ah, you see, it’s different when they do it, because women are naturally superior. /sarc

Seductive temptress of at least one married man, wrote she would never, ever cheat because it’s wrong.

If they really wanted to get to her, they would upload dozens of torrents of Depression Quest, which has recently been re-released to profit from this ‘scandal’.

Pros for promo!

What ever happened to the guy she was meant to have assaulted at that wedding? Why doesn’t someone interview him? Like the cops?

Other resources;

Bullshit like this, guess the sex of the author

War in a suitcase

In decades past, the few key electronic systems that existed worked at higher voltages than today’s machines and at lower frequencies, making them less sensitive to EM disruption. Today, though, any digitally controlled infrastructure presents a target: Power, telecommunications, finance, water, natural gas, and more are all coming under the ever-finer control of computers. Right now the power systems in developed areas of the world are installing smart power meters in homes and businesses, along with communications systems to transmit the data. The new wave of distributed renewable power systems requires additional sensors to determine their operating status, so that the grid can operate efficiently and avoid collapse. The increased need for information and the means to communicate it make all these systems vulnerable to anyone who may wish to create problems—and that means hackers, criminals, vandals, and terrorists.

To be a woman, you must first be a girl

Here are the things that grind my gears on transsexuals, example men pretending to be women.

  • they force everyone to buy into their delusion and simply standing aside and leaving them to it gets a telling off – to an adult
  • they cite a feeling as a fact
  • they ignore the idea if it’s mental, you can change your mind (many do post-op)
  • they refuse to accept you cannot change the brain, this man will always have his male brain he developed before birth and cannot think like a woman if his life depended on it
  • every cell in your body tells the truth, no one called Michael Jackson white because he had treatments, dying my hair doesn’t make me a natural blonde
  • changing your birth certificate is fraud since you can use it to marry someone ignorant of the truth
  • they are lied to about their dating prospects, and cry when they can’t get a date “being myself”
  • they get off on their own appearance, there’s always a sexual component to it
  • they demand access to safe spaces, each sex has a right to, which fairly pisses off the radfems
  • it’s a fashion with permanent consequences on taxpayer money
  • some get off on deception, when they rape unknowing straight men and have the nerve to cry they were the victim of the picture
  • the rates of comorbid mental illness and drug use or suicide demonstrate their opinion on what is good for them is ill-advised to outright wrong, you rarely see any over 40, do you? And the HIV rates, do not get me started.

Nonetheless, the claim to womanhood by those who were not born to it does essentially demean those who were; the defining of a woman solely by her sexual organs and by what you see when she is or is not dressed is the province of Page Three girls, not of those proud of their sex and proud, sometimes, of surviving the years of trials it may have brought.

This applies, by the way, to both sexes: should a bold, male soldier be felled by an IED in Afghanistan and left without legs or gentlemanly tackle between them, would we then declare that he is no longer a man? Obviously not. It is widely understood that a fellow in such a predicament who cries that he ‘feels’ himself to be no longer ‘a real man’ will be hastily reassured by all who love him and all who treat him that he was made to be a man from the moment he was conceived and he will die as one, too.

Eunuchs are men. And they have less male tissue than transsexual “women”.

By the same token, I can no more shrug off my formative years and experiences than can Frank Maloney, now to be called Kellie. I can no more forget pregnancy and childbirth than, I imagine, he (or she, if I must) can forget the conception and fathering of three children; more than sex, more than body shape, more than clothing — and certainly more than wishes or feelings — it is these things that define us. Irrevocably so.

…But as long as the newly created Kellie carries that irksome, dangling little y chromosome, whatever the word is, it is not ‘woman’.

This is a fad. They choose to get this stuff done, you don’t choose your race or (probably) sexuality. Feminists are just trying to recruit the mentally ill, which is really sad when you think about it. None of their ‘logic’ holds up, it’s a fantasy.

The UK is finally putting personal finance on the school curriculum

article, to the sound of me shedding a single tear of joy;

But how much of this nannying would have been necessary if we had a decent grasp of money matters? Despair at our financial ineptitude and gullibility has driven his long campaign to make financial education a compulsory part of the national curriculum. He vowed to make this happen before his daughter, Sapphire (“Baby MSE”), reached school age. Next month, in potentially the most far-reaching public wake-up call of his career, “financial numeracy” will be taught as part of maths and “attitudes to money and debt” as part of citizenship. Baby MSE is not yet two.

“We have educated our youth into debt,” Lewis says of the student loan system. “It is a national disgrace that has caused us massive societal problems such as the payday-loan endemic. Politicians should hang their heads in shame. We got rid of the stigma of borrowing. We inured a nation to debt without educating them about when it’s good and when it’s bad. It is government-enforced debt. That has been a terrible thing for society. Not student loans as such, but lack of education. Nobody took custodial care.”

The working and underclasses will realize how they are being screwed over.

Hey, America! Listen to the Captain and follow suit! Precedent time!

Back to this article with a national treasure in the making

“We’ve got a massive deficit in pensions. Kids need to understand that. We don’t save enough. We don’t understand how to make risk-based decisions. From now on, every child in every school that has to follow the curriculum will start to understand how the competitive consumer economy works.”

Questions will not be of the theoretical three-men-digging-a-hole variety but the nitty-gritty of credit cards, APRs and payday loans. “Because of its practical nature, kids will engage. They will be turned on to maths for the first time. This is a long game. We need this right across the board for years.”

clapping well done you tony

Brainwashing has no need for critical thinking

Why do liberals love University and Muslims?

It sounds like a strange question at first, but think about it. There must be an ideological root in neoliberalism or progressivism.

I submit: Obedience.
The word “Islam” is never translated for discussion by English-speakers. Funny, that.
Islam = to submit.


Naturally, the liberals capable of a modicum of critique are very confused by this expectation of blind, ignorant, bigoted submission when they discuss their own pet cause, atheism.


I said ‘Excuse me, would you mind telling me why you are leaving?’ There was a long silence until one said, ‘You are offending us. We will not listen,’ and they left. Soon after that another bunch left, and then another.

These people are being given scholarships into the world’s best Universities. They should be banned from attendance, they are mentally incapable of doing the work. However, Education has long since ceased to be a place of reason.

…By the time I arrived at a slide calling religions (Richard’s fault!) ‘Viruses of the mind’, the lecture hall was looking rather empty.

You were lecturing to children. Neoatheism is itself, a cult. And an ugly one.
I saw feminists walk out of biology lectures on men and women. Same difference.
I once walked out of a lecture myself, where this piece of trash who couldn’t speak proper English began insulting men as the inferior sex (she was middle-aged and single), the country that took her in as evil and calling conservatives literally retarded. No one else batted an eyelid. It was on the exam.

This could be seen as a good thing: less truly intelligent people will go to University for brainwashing, the prospects are limited now degrees are plentiful. They will start businesses or go into a trade, something these people could never do. The Arab male equivalents of Paris Hilton will rot their minds, if they attend these politicized classes at all.

I called out to some as they left, ‘Can’t you even listen to ideas you disagree with? In Oxford, of all places, you should be open-minded enough to hear alternative views’. But no. They said I needed an open mind. This really got to me, raising painful memories of my early research on psychics and clairvoyants who said, ‘You just don’t have an open mind,’ when my careful experiments showed no psychic powers.

Who distorted the meaning of the term ‘open mind’ as a thought-terminating cliché? The psychics you blame? Wasn’t the right wing was it? Hoisted on her own petard.

I’ve noted a trend in education. Anything vaguely controversial has trigger warnings. Anything important but with controversial social policy implications is censored, run through edits before the lecture and there is literally a supervisor from a related department sitting in on the lecture doing damage control in case anyone clutches their pearls and threatens to sue. I have seen it with my own eyes. Ask if someone is sitting in.

Outside, some young Muslims were waiting for me. I was angrily told that I’d made them feel ignorant.

It’s gone. Centuries of great knowledge, gone. I hate to say it, but it began by allowing liberal women to go to these Universities, who promptly got everything they wanted. Prior to that, the liberal effete men were shouted down and standards remained. In future, we may divide education by political allegiance – until the conservative ones perform better. To make them “safe spaces”. You can tell these troublemakers were chronic whiners. They wouldn’t last five minutes off Daddy’s money, bring on the collapse and peak oil! She retreats in the foetal position of liberal white guilt.

I staggered up the High Street confused and upset – both at what had happened and at what I had said, and not said. What should I have done? They are ignorant aren’t they? Isn’t that why they’ve come to this city of learning, even if not Oxford University itself – to learn? Was I a coward to apologise? Were my attempts to be reasonable the best way of engaging them or just plain cowardice?

There is one solution: Let them leave – and never let them back. Disengage entirely.
She should’ve ignored them outside the lecture hall. Blanked completely. If they didn’t want to speak to her in the lecture about the topic, they gave up their chance.
Take a Game lesson. Someone deliberately causes drama? Show them the door, invite them to leave, call the bluff. Make it known there are no take-backsies. Lock it behind them.

She closes by unknowingly reflecting on the ruinous effect a liberal education has had on the young.

Walking miserably up the High Street I felt profoundly depressed at the state of the world. I could cheer myself with the thought that I’d learned something. I learned that Islam has yet another nasty meme-trick to offer – when you are offended put your hands over your ears and run away. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. These bright, but ignorant, young people must be among the more enlightened of their contemporaries since their parents have been able and willing to send them on this course to learn something new. If even they cannot face dissent, or think for themselves, what hope is there for the rest? And what can I do?

Correction: the meme is kill what displeases you. Islam is spread at swordpoint. Those people are not bright, they are exactly what Universities across the West encourage students to be, mindless followers of rhetoric. Parrots of their teachers. Money =/= smarts. It’s the Middle Class myth.