No truce with the left

As Anonymous Conservative said;

Sit by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by. The key will be Conservatives vowing to never help any liberal survive the mess they have created, or fight the monsters they have previously supported. They are not our people, they are our enemies. And they will deserve everything they will get.

This needs to become a meme among the right.
Half the nonsense they pull, they do it because they assume they can always come crying to us, false patriotism in hand, when it backfires on them. We must make our position clear – you have Othered yourself from the nation, we owe you nothing.

Reductio ad absurdum of welfare


Noblesse oblige doesn’t exist in this century, it’s pure theft.

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A central Leftist belief is that it is not just to simply leave another person alone, but rather that justice in some circumstances requires a person to actively help another.

That is not an unreasonable principle. For a concentration of people to live in proximity, it is necessary for some forms of positive right to be respected.

But they do insist on taking it to the absurd.

Greeks cannot get money from the banks, because the banks are closed. The banks are closed because they do not have any money. They do not have any money because the ECB (“The Germans”, if you like), have stopped giving them any. The left are describing this situation—Germany not giving Greek banks any more money—as an attack on Greece. By not giving Greece money, Germany is overruling Greek democracy. It is imposing austerity.

You can make a case that if the…

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Professional Begging


Pathological altruists only care about their feels, not real charity. They tend to abstain from anonymous charity because it is unseen by others.

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From @edwest :

Police survey finds just one in 10 beggars are homeless

Officers in Nottingham say some of those supposedly living on the streets own their own homes

Now, we should be cautious of this survey: 52 beggars in one possibly-atypical English city.

But if its findings are general, it’s quite an alarming fact. The question of how many beggars are genuinely needy has been a live one since at least ’91 (that’s 1891). But half being homeowners is not what many of us would have guessed.

This issue is a miniature example of the problems of liberal social policy. Because, even if the survey is correct, there are really people in genuine need, homeless and depending on the generosity of passers-by.

However, the simple solution, of giving beggars money as you pass by, just doesn’t work. The people who get the money will largely not be those…

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5 facts about the Muslim demographics in Europe

That can’t be true because, in that case, young Muslims when grown will outnumber the low birth rate natives and install a Caliphate slave system. And since France has the densest population of them all, we’d expect a rise in terror attacks as the first taste of what is to come….

And that’s just silly.

It isn’t as if there’s a European precedent for blocking Muslim immigration and saving BILLIONS. With a capital B.