Sexuality is discrimination

Common sense but yeah.

50 points to Doctor Otto Obvious.

Discernment is a gift of perception, the biggest contributor of intelligence. To not notice something is to be dumb, dense and stupid. There’s a false perception there’s nothing there e.g. race. It’s conformist, you’re not supposed to see, Asch’s lines. PC is a status signal, how much can you afford to pretend the danger isn’t there? It’s a cultural game of chicken.

It’s an inverted prudence, what is prudent socially is politically correct but what is prudent for the individual and its success and survival is denial of PC. As celebrities go down one after another for betraying the ingroup, the societal priorities will shift. Even the Boomer concept of playboy in James Bond is no longer respected, he’s a thug in a suit. History is grinding it down to throw it away.

Do not feel sorry for these outdated people, they wanted a false reality. They are pretending to be and stay ignorant in the internet era. They won’t look around them. They had a lot of thanatos, they wanted danger. Don’t be stupid, don’t help them, do not be a martyr. If they had absolute power, they’d shoot you in the head against a wall for denying the Party Line. You owe them nothing, wherever they live. Be totally passive, the way they’ve been. When they have any problem, do nothing, be useless.

They wished for this world.

Let them have it.

They’re starting to go after celebrities now for not dating minorities.

BNW, this is worse. Peer pressure rape, yay, how liberating.

This is all the entitled do, rape. To forcibly take.

To take away your choice to say no, I don’t want this.
To take your money or property for their use (criminal conversion).
To take your body and autonomy.

Invasions are a rape, including the sexual but by no means limited.

Who has the most rights? Who has the most legal power? Not the natives? That’s called oppression.

No escape

Lauer’s office was fashioned with a button under his desk that “allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up.”

Without them seeing that it was locked until they tried to escape.

But these men aren’t sexual predators, right?

What do predators do, target, provoke fear and prevent it from escaping?

It’s boys being boys, middle-aged? We can trust older men.

I’m sure all the women he used that button on were the instigators, just trying to ruin his reputation.

Who doesn’t have a sex dungeon button in their office?

And obviously women should feel safe around married men.

Predators ruin their own reputation, there is nothing to ruin.

You act like a degenerate over many years, that’ll be your rep.

It’s been established (that film sucked).

Sue for false imprisonment. It is.

“Actual physical restraint is not necessary for false imprisonment to occur.”

That or kidnapping.

“or the confining of a person to a controlled space.”

It’s tantamount to handcuffing someone to a bed.

Equal standards, poor kid.

Forcing any sexual contact (including coercion, seen here) amounts to sexual violence.

He should sue.

Definition here:

Sexual violence and abuse is any behaviour of a sexual nature which is unwanted and takes place without consent or understanding.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature in the workplace

  • Unwanted touching or physical contact

  • Unwelcome sexual advances

A lot of people are guilty of this one.

Thinking that hiding behind a screen makes it not count.

Unsolicited = unconsented.

You can only cry “it was consensual” to a judge later on if you actually, explicitly ask about the thing. You’re online, there’s no excuse.

Make-up is haram

Ordinary adornments like kohl, henna, or a ring are permissible to wear in public. Extra adornment, like perfume, lipstick, dazzling eye colors, and the like are not permissible to wear in public. In short, any type of adornment which makes a woman look “made-up” and attracts amorous attention is not permissible, as this would defeat the whole purpose of hijab.

No foundation (usually the glycerin is pork anyway), no concealer, no brow pencil, no eyeliner (non-kohl and most of those are animal-derived or chemical), absolutely no lipstick or eyeshadow, those are 20s scarlet woman film noir looks, there’s no way to explain around them. Need I mention fake eyelashes or gluing anything to your face?

Just laugh at them when they say their women are modest.
They can’t even come up with an original look.

It is not allowed to go out in public wearing any makeup unless your face is veiled and the makeup won’t be seen. It seems common these days the Muslimah will say “but I’m not wearing it to attract men” but how do you know they won’t be attracted to you? (It is illogical to wear a hijab (loose flowing non see through dress covering everything except face and hands) and red lipstick!). The makeup is only allowed to be worn in front of mahrems and the husband. [link at end]

What about all the hair dye and “nail art”, huh?

If you look like a Playboy bunny or some lesser type of whore like a stripper, don’t pretend modesty has anything to do with it.

I am going to blame Huda for this one.

She’s showing her chest, guess we’ve gotta stone her to death.

You know, if she’s really a Muslim. [She claims she is not, until she is, when convenient.]

You pick a standard, the public should hold you to it.

It says in Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (17/129): There is no reason why a woman should not adorn herself by wearing makeup on her face, or kohl, or doing her hair in a manner that does not make her resemble kaafir women, but it is also essential that she cover her face in front of men who are not her mahrams. End quote.

It also says (17/128): Using kohl is allowed in Islam, but it is not permissible for a woman to show any of her adornment, whether kohl or anything else, to anyone other than her husband or mahrams, because Allaah says

Why do they all want to look like post-surgery Angelina Jolie?

I’m guessing the manjaws?

We are very careful with our wording these days because people will accuse us of Anti-feminism. We do not care about such labels. Quran clearly mentions in this ayah ‘Remain in your houses and display not your finery’.

Coloured contact lenses, aside from being racist, mock a disability.

No one says anything.

Pretty sure cosmetic surgery is beyond haram, hookers don’t need to do that to violate the rule.

Why do they always want to look white?

Despite all the surgery, minus the slap.

It’s like a bear with dead doll eyes. Surgery can’t change the person underneath, it seems. Have you noticed vain people look bad over time, however superficially fine they might appear in the short run? It can’t all be toxicity of the makeup (and hers is). I wonder what will happen when their kids have kids and can’t afford surgery.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen men that looked like this or better.

Remember, there isn’t much if any dimorphism in Asians.

Without the makeup, you could usually mistake them for their brother.

To pick a top ingredient in all these trashy palettes: mica.

Mica is considered a hazardous substance, and work sites that do not enforce the legal exposure limits should be reported to OSHA as unsafe.

Ironically, these things prematurely age them.

It’s used for the same old uses as asbestos, like roof tiles.

By all means, use it on a mucous membrane! Close to your eyes! In your eyes! On the water line! Go nuts! Someone on YT said it’s fine!

From actual scientists:

The carcinogenic effects of mica are unclear, but considering other known health effects it is probably best to avoid exposure…

That was a tone, for those who didn’t catch it.

Would you go to a building site and huff the dust?

Look at all those question marks.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

The shade “angelic” contains listed “Bha”.

Cheap people, cheap products.

Silica, in the ingredient list, an insecticide.

“Information on the health effects of silicon is limited.” Well, I feel safe.

I could do this all day, do your own research.

How many layers of photoshop is that? Isn’t image editing for sexiness haram?

It looks like the plastic in her face is threatening to burst out. Think orange Michael Jackson.

Actually, he looks better.

Still better.

Not bad actually.

Still better. A dead black man can do the plastic look better than these bitches.

The nude lip trend isn’t a choice, if you get a ton of work done it hides tell-tale line irregularities and after too much, it helps to make the lips look more natural by minimizing them on the face.

Fairly certain faking beauty is haram. Can we just assume everything is haram, write a song?

Not a role model.

“Promoting Self-harm to achieve beauty to young girls, and false advertising her beauty products is immoral and shameful. Also scamming her customers by over-pricing her cheaply made cosmetics is disgraceful.”

I think it’s about time we called out the worst infringers of the fake bandwagon, self-proclaimed Muslim women.

I don’t think a nun’s habit would be right to wear by a non-Christian either, so there must be some appropriation there with religious head scarves.

Especially since their existence is the opposite of what it (apparently) stands for.

Fun fact: nuns weren’t a foreign import.

Back to the Jolie surgeries that are literally the only look they have.

Kohl eyeliner doesn’t include flicks. Especially a 60s sex kitten flick.

There is a definite attempt.
Funny thing is, most men don’t fancy Jolie, they think she looks mannish.
She’s a high fashion model that women admire, men do not lust for her, generally.

Except, you have a legal right to your likeness and feminists never bring this up. Should it be legal to get enough surgery to look like someone else? Especially a public figure? Isn’t that identity fraud?

Technically, yes. Since people would treat you like that person.

Consider, this is what Jolie looked like before. Better, imo.

(She did have lip fillers).

I wonder if these women are deliberately provoking lust.

She looked fine before too. Better, actually. Jasmine vibe, you can see her face. Can we get it in their heads there is nothing wrong with their God-given, er, Allah-given honkers? Half-arsing a white woman look is embarrassing.

Easy for the Government

That’s why multiculturalism.

and how many newcomers have the citizenship to defend their second home?

How many would scurry, fairweather citizens?

We haven’t had the draft since they arrived, we’re overdue.

Either we draft against Russia and China or with the likes of Sweden. Based on IQ, they’d have to be front line.

Skin bleaching or light bleaching?

I’ll let you be the judge.

Now, I’ve been following fashion periodicals for years.

I know what Zoe Kravitz looks like. Except recently, she looks like a totally different person. I’m talking Michael Jackson levels of makeover. It is not a good look. She looked fine before, she looked like herself.

When I heard they’d cast her in Fantastic Beasts I thought it was the wrong casting choice and another character would suit her better (like snake girl, perfect!). However, to try and fit this square PC peg into the round hole that is Helena Bonham Carter’s pristine English Rose possessed porcelain doll look,

Reminder. This photo is in colour.

they seem to have hired the least black girl to ever black.

Wow, what a role model, thanks. That was worth the hype.

I went through the top Google images and composed a nice little mosaic to demonstrate my point.

I know I’m not imagining this.

Guess which photo is recent.

Top row fine, lower row she looks like an AIDs patient, I’m sorry, she looks ill.

I don’t know if they’ve deliberately hired her post actual skin bleaching (they’d lie and say it’s makeup – makeup doesn’t murder your melanocytes) or bleached her out with super-strong lighting and weird filters over the whole shot and then go in again to filter just her in post (it happens). Either way, it pisses me off they’d token hire a “black” girl, as long as she’s less black than the average Italian in July.

In Fenty shades, the girl’s gone at least a dozen off. Like, 12-14 shades, easily.

She is whiter than most white people!

They black her up (real, obviously) or black her down (fake) based on what’s PC that week, it makes me sick.

Okay, but how does she look in the trailer?

Fair question.

Surrounded by white people for context.

Note: she looks the exact same shade family as the super-pale people around her. She looks ashy as hell, she looks dead. That’s Zombie Zoe. No. Stop.

She’s a fucking porcelain there. Zoe Kravitz is versatile, but the girl ain’t porcelain.

She used to be a nice toasty mocha, like a Fawn or Amber (black girls gotta blend).

This girl is literally wearing porcelain. She is a Fenty model. She has more pink and yellow in her skin than Little Miss Black Girl here. What is this mess, why the lies?

For comparison, here’s another character in the same damn trailer, same lighting (you’d think) and I colour-picked the lightest shade I could find on her face.

Spot the white person. Based on the lighting, in my estimation, you cannot tell.

This used to only be a problem with magazine covers. This is a creepy zombie filter.

I hate it.

Now I can’t sit through a film without being pissed off.

If you’re going to take all the credit for hiring a black girl, she needs to stay black!

You can’t virtue signal something then change up that very thing!

And the ashy thing is indisputable. Pick for yourself, I did range.

No black girl in the history of the world is fucking lilac, Warner Bros!