Video: Killing the messenger

Ignoring the “my opinion of science is the correct one 4eva” scientism faux angle.
Ignoring that snarky insinuation.

“You were dangerous.”
When someone has a problem with you telling the truth (say, citing modest stats, no commentary), it isn’t a problem with you, per se.
You’re the fleshy human convenient punching bag.
The Devil with a face. You can’t punch evil in the face.
Victim culture and corruption is fueled with the blood of truth seekers. Think of it as ideological welfare to go with their ideological imperialism (all not-Us people are bad! ~ literally the opinion of bigots, literal definition).

Bigots used to be liars who refused to hear the truth. Problem is, they’d try to ban it from others’ ears too.

It’s mind boggling when they dispute facts.
Not opinions, not skews, but bare, blunt facts.
What could I do? you think. I’m the messenger. I didn’t design any of this reality. You think I enjoy this??? Seriously!?
I’m pointing and describing it. I don’t like it either, but you don’t change things by ignoring them.


If logic worked on them, you wouldn’t have to explain it for them. They’d seek the information themselves, we have the internet now. They’d ask you things. Idiots are uppity. If you’re right, and especially if you explain it well, they’ll derail; they’ll slag off your personality (bitchy, rude) or tone (arrogant, condescending). Reaction formation is real.

Save those who want the truth (see Best Post).

Fuck the rest. 

Facts like: there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Consumption without industry is unnatural and impossible. Barring slavery.

You won’t be able to live off a state pension, and you probably won’t even get one. They’ll slowly phase it out into irrelevance. You’ll be lucky if it can buy a Freddo by the time you retire.

If the minimum wage hike advocates understood maths and economics to know why it’s gonna screw them over, they’d wouldn’t be earning minimum wage.

Stupid people and poor people will always exist. But I repeat myself. You can’t teach someone out of stupidity. The top schools take the top IQ slice. If you leveled everyone, totally equal by force, after a year there would be inequalities based on personal decisions. Equality is the idea that if I can’t succeed, you can’t succeed, because you must be cheating!

Free loaders expect to match the results of the top performer. Participation trophies?

Smart places are dragged down to the weakest IQ in the room i.e. University.

“But it’s fun” is the excuse of every loser in history.

The Government doesn’t solve social problems. It causes social problems.

You pay a premium to live in a low crime homogeneous demographic area in your native country.

You pay for the destructive lifestyles and terrible choices of idiots in your country, and their vote counts as much as yours.

Political Correctness is the method of politicians saying There Are No Harsh Truths.

That’s it.

PC culture revolves around the infantilization of adults making up the Voting Public.
Whichever baby makes the biggest fuss gets the attention.

Link: Trump isn’t your Savior

OT: Ivanka is not white….

The most necessary rhinoplasty in human history.

His warm description of spending time with Epstein is chilling considering the Bill-esque allegations coming out.
(All allegations should be investigated, for evidence).

“Epstein, who was once a close friend of Prince Andrew, pleaded guilty to two state charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution and soliciting prostitution.
He served 13 months after being sentenced in 2008.
Investigators suspected the former New York financier of abusing 34 underage girls but lawyers failed to charge him or any of his “co-conspirators” and instead offered him a secret plea bargain.”

It’s possible. The right wing here did a lot of that in the 80s. Those hiding out on the Right should be treated harsher if anything. Never harbour pedophies.

This article doesn’t mention his personal life enough. It’s valid to bring up, based on real choices.

He can’t commit to a wife, he can’t commit to a country.

His business decisions are bullish but ill-thought out. He’s failed more than he’s succeeded, lies about his net worth (that’s fraud), and odds are he’s still in plenty of debt.

Bravado, no bravery. I can’t imagine him charging into a battle against Islamic State, but ordering war regardless. Sounds like a rich little rabbit, all talk.

The more time goes on, the more typical he looks as a politician.

He has a few zingers, but let’s be honest, he’s a reality TV star. He’s an entertainer accustomed to lying to a camera. There are plenty of accounts that his IRL character is 180 from on-camera. Doesn’t that make anyone else uneasy?

The Democrats would be better off running Kim Kardashian.

Better woman than Hillary.

He’s better than nothing, but I’m trying to encourage you to keep your expectations low, because odds are, when he gets the power, he’ll drop the people who carried him there.

He started off rich and still ended up bankrupt.

Too many mixed messages to be comfortable.

He’s a narcissistic opportunist.

What do they do?

They fuck you over.

Who will he fuck over when he gets in the White House on the White Vote?

Use your imagination, peeps.


Trump’s lone value is as Overton Window pusher. As I’ve said before, I don’t care about Trump. I’m over him. I care about the guy who comes after. Maybe he won’t be an adulterer (read the Bible).

The Left is Upset About Trump and White Populism

Cruz is your Ed Miliband. Creepy and soft.
Trump is better than nothing, but voting might not be enough.
You guys need to clean house, involves pest control.

Why should you vote in anyone else’s self-interest? Further, against your own? There used to be an argument to vote for the nation. What nation? Where’s my homogeneity? You can’t draw on loyalty to more than one group, the concept doesn’t exist. Cognitive dissonance is the specialization of these academics, they see magical thinking as critical imagineering. Belief makes bank.
The Left is used to setting the social frame because the Right let them, for decades. Let them take over the institutions and ruin them. The Left is losing its grip on reality too. They are like a spoiled child who’s used to getting their way and finally the adult says No. I keep hearing leftists saying anyone right of them is “sad”, classic projection.
Politics is meant to be populist. It’s a democracy, majority wins. It’s math. Liberal arts majors can’t do math.
There is a split, a fissure emerging between Old Left (typical right parties trusted to change, refusing to react to sabotage policies) and Right, the whole thing banding together finally against the genocidal policies.


Perhaps the only thing more amusing than a cuckservative is a liberal telling Republicans what they should and should not do—it is brutally obvious that their intentions are sabotage and they have no intention of supporting or voting for whoever the nominally conservative party decides to run. There’s no reason to listen to their concerns or try to make a conservative candidate more palpable to liberals. The Republicans have lost multiple times trying to do this. There have been two concern troll-ish liberal perspectives on Trump that I’ve seen:

  1. Support Trump! He will crash the Republican party and the Democrats will win by default.
  2. Trump is a racist monster created by Republican politics and they are bad and should feel bad. Please nominate a more…

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Video: How women can save Western Civilization

No, distinguish between the deserving and undeserving poor in welfare payments.

Let the stupid women (and men) act as an example.
Let no man shirk his responsibilities to his children either. Debtors’ prison if not.

Also, I’m alarmed Stefan doesn’t know there are many positions where it’s possible to keep the coin in place. Ask a Frenchman.
None of these examples put an equal burden/expectation on men – don’t sleep with women who aren’t your wife. Isn’t that easier, considering men are the sex pushing for it? Aren’t men meant to be more moral, according to people who misread the Bible? Why should women have to refuse men, for making an offer they shouldn’t be making in the first place? Why can’t other men correct or control their own? As if women can overpower them.

Why are we holding the same social frame of Sexual Revolution that caused all these problems?

Takes two to make a baby, whatever the feminists say.

Logic, fairness, on this topic? Get outta here.