Link: Leftism is universal acid

Leftism eats away at whatever container it is put in – whether that container be religion, science, education, the legal system, the military or whatever. All these started out carrying a small beaker of Leftism, and ended-up being dissolved into Leftism.

And Leftism really is like acid – it destroys the functionality of all social systems, reduces them to a confluent lagoon of Leftism – but does not thereby unify them….

becoming corrupted into routinely-dishonest, gibbering slogan-mongers.

SJWs Always Lie?

They don’t see it as lying. Cover-ups, twisting, defamation, all for the Greater Good of their Leftism. It’s taqiyya, basically. The truth would harm their cause, like a crusade only “Progress”…

White pill

We should therefore be wary of being ‘too virtuous’ by negative avoidance of action, when this prevents us living fully; since not even trying to live is the worst thing we can do.


Want of inspiration.

Our role models are blocked from publicity. This is the real Dark Ages. We don’t know their names.

I’m sure the London crime spree has nothing to do with funding and celebration of criminals in music culture.

We have a culture of chaos.

The ‘genius famine’ in art and music has been just as damaging as has the decline of genius in science and technology; and has contibuted to the alienation and demotivation characteristic of modernity.

Think of that Boomer anthem Imagine.
A song about peace ..from a wife beater.

Fashion moment

Buy yours today!

How did she find a dress with less personality than her?

I feel cheated. Did she ditch her other options?

We’re all laughing at the choice to wear white…

How did she still look fat after all the starvation and pills?
Gorilla shoulders are only accentuated with that neckline.
We’re all confused.


It’s almost as if any company to misuse Tesla’s name is cursed.

and now

I said naming it after a dead guy seemed bad luck and that April Fool might just be Musk.

Bad taste, at least. People rely on him.

Elon Musk announces ‘a thorough reorganization’ at Tesla, will be ‘flattening the management structure’

Because Communism has never been tried.

He didn’t pay himself a salary, that was the first sign you’re dealing with an idiot.


I wonder if the mass slaughter of the unicorns will have a peppy name in the history books.

Like Night of the Long Knives but business shivs?

I vote for Mass Slaughter of the Unicorns. Sounds very Potterhead.

Magical, like our fiat debt cyst of a stock market.

Will Tesla be the black swan?

I hope I’m wrong but…

come on. It’s me.

“Government subsidized technology is developed and Musk cashed in. Then cashed out. Then left stock holders holding the bag. It’s like the Simpsons monorail episode…”

It does sound like that, exactly. He was so wise.

In Tyler we trust, right guys?

Anyway, the timelines might be blurry but I have a great batting average.

There’s a snowball effect with this here can.

Snapping at a question, temper temper. You’re not married to those people.
And they’re investors, you can’t (threaten to) fire them.

Production in China? ….RIP.

Ousted from his own company after being a sneaky cow at Paypal?

Exactly like Edison, amazing.

“Hotel workers”

Notice how a woman can’t quietly drink at a hotel any more? Every drink may be drugged.

While every man may not be a rapist, a certain level of paranoia is prudent.
If they target you, that’s pretty much it.

The victim blaming in these common cases makes me sick. It’s such a Just World fallacy where men expect if they were a woman, they’d be too smart to get raped… it doesn’t work that way. Predators target. Men are typically much stronger and in groups, impossible to resist. It’s so horrifying they shut their brain to the possibility, that life is really that dangerous for women, that what they most fear about prison is quite a statistical reality for the sex most rapists choose.

I think the real fear of rape is the only reason feminism is clinging on.
After all, the men won’t protect us.

I’m avoiding the internet until this wedding farce is over.

BTW, the father was never going to make the trip. It takes weeks to learn the cues and get the tailoring and co.

It was all PR to make her look doting.

Instead of a callous bitch.

They’ll say the mother or someone doing it is a “powerful feminist statement”.

Usual BS.

I looked up the news in Windsor. To see how very safe it is.

Lots of rapists.

It’s a new thing.

There might even be a rape gang.

Rapists are pairing up!

“Maidenhead” lol

They’ll spend so much on security for an American nobody cares about, meanwhile the white women are meant to just get raped and get over it.

No security money for them.

This seems to be a pattern.

No justice, certainly no real sentences. No deterrence whatsoever.

They also stopped giving out rapist descriptions, which would help women avoid the monsters.

Of course, you can guess why.