Disney is piss-easy to analyse

That’s why children love it. And I don’t even have to make you sit through a lecture.


This also explains non-Western maligned figures such as Kaali, scary mother who’d go to war for her children.

A coward would’ve seen the dragon, the power of women, and run away. He’d forever think of women as only Lilith – pure evil, because he was trying to trespass where he didn’t belong (as an unworthy suitor).

For a modern example, picture the ghetto scum who shout pornographic things at women and act surprised when they’re told to fuck off. They set the crude tone.

Every man alive knows the difference between saying “nice dress” and “nice tits”. They both mean the same thing, it’s a question of showing respect. If you don’t respect WHOEVER you speak to, why should they show respect to you?

It isn’t actually a compliment, to other men they don’t say ‘sexy’, they say “you look good”, they imply virtue. They give respect.

It reminds me of “give him a chance” …why? You date him if you want, women are not a lottery.

It’s bullshit when women say it about their fat friend and it’s dangerous when men say it about creeps. Men don’t have female creepdar.

I despise fake femininity because it suppresses the wrathful impulse to punish wrongdoing and protect the good. That side always comes out eventually. If it isn’t protective, it can turn abusive much like false masculinity’s aggression, made from buried passivity and resentment.

Misogynists see the wrathful side of every woman because the women sense it and are correctly punishing their misogyny. You are not entitled to kind treatment, it is earned. If you treat women like shit, don’t expect women to act like that’s acceptable. Men set societal standards in morality but women have the task to enforce them.

Feminism just thought it could fuck with evolutionary formula  because men dropped the standards for themselves and men changed the rules to evade paternal responsibilities (now the taxpaying man funds the deadbeat male).

HPV contaminating gyms, doctor’s tables and virgins

Figured I’d linked this. Not clickbait.

What happens when you let the sluts run rampant.


School gyms too, health hazard. It can even be on the floor.

Study link from women’s health:


“Researchers analyzed 51 studies on HPV transmission, and they noticed that the virus was found in the genital tracts of 51 percent of female virgins. This left them asking: If not through sex, how are people contracting it?”


Plus the speculums they can’t actually clean?

“The second possibility makes us even more squeamish. You might be able pick up HPV by coming into contact with an infected surface at the doctor’s office or in public places like the gym. If the examining table or bike seat you sit down on in your booty shorts hasn’t been properly cleaned, you could be at risk.”

Why did people wear so many layers of clothing in public?

History was so weird. And gloves! How absurd!

Who wears gloves, the Queen? She isn’t long-lived, is she?

I’m just picturing the HPV strains of Hollywood and its forced kissing, on and off screen.

Link: There is no neutrality


You may not care about Cultural Marxists.

They certainly feel entitled to control you.

Nowadays, everyone feels entitled to social approval.

I’ve had strangers brag to me about their sexual conquests and, when met with repulsion, they complained.*

Only your doctor needs to know your bodily functions, I don’t want to picture it.

9/10, they only sleep around to signal about it.

We encourage or discourage degeneracy in our everyday lives.

Most commonly with SPEECH.

How often do you sing a rap song without knowing?

Identification is required for behaviourism control.

*But they never mentioned it again and started sleeping around less, questioning it.

The book Nudge might explain why.

Link: The price of believing lies


A few points:

The person listening can’t tell a convincing lie from the truth, most things are not mathematical.

Children listening to their parents should be, it isn’t their fault their parents fail them.

Instead pay out welfare based on IQ result. Higher, more money.

Keynes did it on purpose, he was gay and wanted to spite the world (no children to suffer).

You’d have more readers with a reblog option.


Well, people have no savings, no family, no spouse to rely on, no religion, no patriotism.

We’ll be fine!

No ability to sew clothes, grow food (throw seeds in soil ain’t it) nor teach the classics.

Real classics, not To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Many work for a pension they cannot get.

Global debt CANNOT be paid – and global debt / global population = debt per person.

They can’t ever earn that much.

National IQ has dropped across the board. A lot of stupids are gonna die, taking probably most of the morally weak but clever with them. Thankfully, this is in pop density regions – MENA, China/India, South America. Also high pathogen risk. Disease will spread in weakened host bodies.

Everyone should be imitating Europe and gently settling back to a pre-WW population level.

You know, one they can feed.


Natural law = mob justice, no appeal, death penalty, tribalism, natural selection.

K-shift is the return to it.

Standard of living is too high to marry/breed, commitments are easily broken without social shame, most divorces are re-marriages that shouldn’t have happened, the socialists hate the host limiting its intake to starve off the leech because they need eternal pop growth. You can’t promise funny figures of baby debt from a population working that doesn’t exist.

Bruce Charlton’s gone into some of this data from a traditional but statistical view.

Free but intriguing:



“How to judge people…” needs expansion.

also related: https://brucewilds.blogspot.com/2019/01/a-sustainable-future-for-mankind-should.html

Europe was historically successful because as a race, we were sustainable.

Reliant ONLY on one another, NOT outsiders.

Machines have replaced the need for low IQ immigrant labour, which 9/10 it is.

1/10 the West doesn’t want to train its own people.

China’s real thievery

Western opportunity and the intellectual property that is our birthright.

Finance-detail interview here:

There will be recession.

Read the partial transcript.


We have a golden opportunity today for a global reset in our relationship with China. Trade is such a small part of our relationship… our real issue is forced technology transfer; it’s intellectual property theft; it’s subversive industrial policies that… circumvent WTO rules. It’s basically the way the Chinese lie, cheat, and steal their way through our economy… We have no way to truly measure and/or counteract those things…”

Technology transfer is a polite term for treason.

Well, look at all the Asians in STEM and how they toddle off back to Asia, then you magically have a STEM shortage!
Your universities shouldn’t be allowed endowments, that’s a bribe.

You also let them buy your land and food supply, no shots fired.

They’ve won excepting severe improvements to the system.

Of course, you’re all cucks being scared of mean words.

And some are autistic enough to claim Asians as Aryan.

The US’s number one asset… is our ingenuity, our intellectual property. our ability to innovate…

You didn’t care about national IQ, but national IQ cares about you.

As does homogeneity. The worst immigration was Chinese, your forefathers knew this.

There were Uncle Sam posters about not letting them in. Over a billion of them and you complain about Africans? At least that’s a whole continent, you literally couldn’t find more r-selected people if you tried – and COMMUNISTS!

People who vote for still more Government want to run for power over you.

They’re playing you. They pretend to like white people and care about their interests. It’s Asian taqiyya. They don’t have a culture that values honesty, just appearances. You’re part of their appearance for now. Then, one day, you won’t be.

If Japan were trying to invade America with immigrants, into STEM/government/top jobs, you’d pick up on it. There’s a gigantic blind spot. Russia is using them to destroy America, you think they want Communism again?

It’s really important that this new agreement, whatever it is, to be measurable and punishable… There are so many things our government can do to reciprocate with the Chinese on these issues. Why do we have hundreds and hundreds of Confucius institutes in our educational institutions and our colleges? Why do we allow Chinese points of presence in our telecom switching facilities when they don’t allow any of ours in theirs…? On the judicial side of things, we could make a few judicial changes in the US that really make it more difficult for the Chinese to act the way they have been acting with our intellectual property here in the US.”

You’re cucked.

They stole your lunch money and your shoes.

Do you think China’s rise thanks to Central Banks monopoly money is a coincidence?

Do you think their place is so nice they want to emigrate literally everywhere because they… like British food? American food? Their ultimate goal in life is to serve you MSG? Are you that dense?

Do you think the fact they rose as a certain other minority did is a coincidence too?

Look around.

The Chinese print more money than any other country has printed, in gross terms, in world history…

The EU is working closely with them, which tells you everything.

You can’t ever integrate them, their Communism is genetic.


And we know, deep down, how this will end. Smart people don’t cheat on their Uni transcript as a matter of course. Whatever happened to Westerners first in their own countries? Whites don’t get privileged in their UCAS system.

Communists lie about how much debt they’re in, especially image-focused (narcissist) Communists.

Far from being traditional, their women are massive whores, they just lie about it. They prescribe many birth control pills and STDs are rampant in Asia. They literally whore out their daughters to you. What exactly are you defending? They aren’t defending your “culture”, cucks.

Even Africa is complaining about these people. They’re ruining what little natural value AFRICA has. They’re Communist locust.

They’ve even invaded Africa– and made it worse!

You cannot do business with people of base character.

None of the big names, UN/NATO/EU stopped their African colonies. Doesn’t that hint they’re not on your side?

The libertarians are defending a leech bigger than the Fed!

Since 2001, they’ve printed roughly $30 trillion worth of RMB (Chinese Yuan). Think about that for a second. The debate here in the US, about the Fed, is: ‘Is the Fed balance sheet too big? Is it too large? It got to $4.5 trillion. Should it be $3.5 trillion?’ China has printed $30 trillion worth of RMB in a decade (18 years). The scale to which they have printed is… unprecedented. Can the Chinese run their stock market up? Absolutely. They control the price. They control the printing press. They control the police and they control the narrative.  They can control that for a long time. They way they interact with the rest of the world is they actually have to spend Dollars, Euros, Yen, or Pounds for anything that they are trying to import… At some point in time economic gravity is going to catch them on the FX reserves side… By the way, they run a 10% of GDP fiscal deficit… We are up in arms about running a trillion here, which is roughly 4%…”

It goes on in the video.

When they tank, war. But they need a bridge to Europe.

A bridge the EU is letting them build. Wake up. I hated discovering all this. It’s such a betrayal.

They’re building silos to hold meat to feed their soldiers as part of national security.

They wanted the good steel, the battle steel.

Multiple Asians have stolen defense information from American universities and you still let them in, rocket information, only reason they have rockets (and gave some to Korea).

All of this is fact is you only look into it.

They’re not smart enough to develop any of this alone.

The intellectual property is more important than land (that you sold them too, literally sell-outs). The West’s ingenuity has been raped for the profits of neocon traitors and (investors).

We raised these people from rice farmers when it’s obvious we should’ve shot them in the face. Rural Chinese IQ is real China. They are not smart people. The narcissist will bite the hand that feeds it, not caring if it starves.

They’re now disappearing Christians and still, the supposed nationalists say nothing. For this weakness, from our patriotic, we kinda deserve to die. If the thought of a 12yo looking plastic surgery cunt who troweled on the makeup puts you off defending anything Western, cultural or intellectual – fine.

Chinese isn’t even a race so the Muh Race card thing is SJW bullshit. They’re open Marxists. They laugh about taking over the world and destroying you, like a more arrogant Muslim threat.

America sold out.

America deserves to suffer if it won’t bother to save itself (and with it, the West).

Your forebears warned of their deceitful character. You didn’t listen. You wanted a dollar off your plastic junk. Everything isn’t cheap, you sold your country.

Stop buying from fucking China.

A lot of people are.

That seems to be why their economy is suddenly stagnating, the trend is spreading.

Lefties for human rights and child abuse, righties from patriotism and economics.

Learn your own history, Chinacucks.

This part of your history has been concealed for a reason. They fondle the Fed’s balls.

And the Feds are your friends, right?

Buy anywhere else, Russia, Japan, America, fucking Korea, just not China. Do not fund your own destruction.

Every Chinese piece of crap you buy is a bullet for their military.

Over time, the goods being ‘cheap’ (and poisoned with lead paint, for your kids) are counterbalanced by taking your jobs in visa places too and moving production, so your people have less and less money to spend aka what happened.

You had problems with them the same time as the Jews, small numbers in the 19th century caused you ill-will. The riots (for rape, theft, murder etc) should’ve been the end of it. You should’ve deported them.

“In Rock Springs, Wyoming, 150 armed white miners drove Chinese immigrants out of town in 1885 by setting fire to their homes and businesses and murdering 28 people. No one was charged in the massacre. It was hardly an isolated incident; 153 anti-Chinese riots erupted throughout the American West in the 1870s and 1880s, with some of the worst episodes of violence in Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.”

No… no other side to that, huh? No reason at all?


They wanted to be separate, as proven by the fact they still continue to choose.

“Around the turn of the century, politicians played into white workers’ anxieties, pointing the finger at Chinese immigrants for economic hardship and labeling them fundamentally incapable of assimilation into U.S. society.”

As you said at the beginning, a century and a half later, they still don’t act white. They’re invading, why change?

Chinatown is allowed to segregate from the ghetto but you’re not. Asian socieities are allowed but you’re not. Their IQ is celebrated (but not proven) and yours is denied. Wake up.

Whose country is this?

“In 1877, a congressional committee heard testimony that the Chinese “are a perpetual, unchanging, and unchangeable alien element that can never become homogenous; that their civilization is demoralizing and degrading to our people; that they degrade and dishonor labor; and they can never become citizens.”

Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, barring Chinese immigrants who were already in the U.S. from becoming citizens and restricting new immigration from China. The law marked the first time that the U.S. restricted immigration explicitly on the basis of race.”

For no apparent reason. Workers’ rights only, sure. No crimes or anything, sure. Everywhere they went they were kicked out for being cheap. OK. Then why not ban the Irish for being cheap too?

“During the exclusion era, it was difficult for Chinese immigrants to find a place to live outside of Chinatown”

For no apparent reason….

Learn your own history.

“Beginning in the late 19th century and really through the 1940s and ’50s, there was what we can call a regime of Asian exclusion: a web of laws and social practices and ideas designed to shut out Asians completely from American life.”

The exact timespan of America’s golden age from complete (((coincidence))).

They’re not American, never will be and don’t want to be. They still boil dogs, there are videos. They are savage and cruel.

America can’t be great again until you undo the ‘mistakes’ that disabled you to this cowed position.

As we noted here, China has created over three times as much money supply as the US since 2008.

Yeah but they’re gonna take over the world, right?

Only if you roll over, show your belly and call them your superiors.

Debt jubilee for national debt?

I mean actual national debt, not reported with exclusions.


What else could they do?

PAY it?

Of course, the obvious way for billions of people to pay “their” debt to like, ten people, is to arrange about two gallows’ worth of payment.

That’s the other traditional route. Answering the age-old question: how long is a piece of rope?

A culture without honour doesn’t honour others’ debts.