Easy for the Government

That’s why multiculturalism.

and how many newcomers have the citizenship to defend their second home?

How many would scurry, fairweather citizens?

We haven’t had the draft since they arrived, we’re overdue.

Either we draft against Russia and China or with the likes of Sweden. Based on IQ, they’d have to be front line.

Skin bleaching or light bleaching?

I’ll let you be the judge.

Now, I’ve been following fashion periodicals for years.

I know what Zoe Kravitz looks like. Except recently, she looks like a totally different person. I’m talking Michael Jackson levels of makeover. It is not a good look. She looked fine before, she looked like herself.

When I heard they’d cast her in Fantastic Beasts I thought it was the wrong casting choice and another character would suit her better (like snake girl, perfect!). However, to try and fit this square PC peg into the round hole that is Helena Bonham Carter’s pristine English Rose possessed porcelain doll look,

Reminder. This photo is in colour.

they seem to have hired the least black girl to ever black.

Wow, what a role model, thanks. That was worth the hype.

I went through the top Google images and composed a nice little mosaic to demonstrate my point.

I know I’m not imagining this.

Guess which photo is recent.

Top row fine, lower row she looks like an AIDs patient, I’m sorry, she looks ill.

I don’t know if they’ve deliberately hired her post actual skin bleaching (they’d lie and say it’s makeup – makeup doesn’t murder your melanocytes) or bleached her out with super-strong lighting and weird filters over the whole shot and then go in again to filter just her in post (it happens). Either way, it pisses me off they’d token hire a “black” girl, as long as she’s less black than the average Italian in July.

In Fenty shades, the girl’s gone at least a dozen off. Like, 12-14 shades, easily.

She is whiter than most white people!

They black her up (real, obviously) or black her down (fake) based on what’s PC that week, it makes me sick.

Okay, but how does she look in the trailer?

Fair question.

Surrounded by white people for context.

Note: she looks the exact same shade family as the super-pale people around her. She looks ashy as hell, she looks dead. That’s Zombie Zoe. No. Stop.

She’s a fucking porcelain there. Zoe Kravitz is versatile, but the girl ain’t porcelain.

She used to be a nice toasty mocha, like a Fawn or Amber (black girls gotta blend).

This girl is literally wearing porcelain. She is a Fenty model. She has more pink and yellow in her skin than Little Miss Black Girl here. What is this mess, why the lies?

For comparison, here’s another character in the same damn trailer, same lighting (you’d think) and I colour-picked the lightest shade I could find on her face.

Spot the white person. Based on the lighting, in my estimation, you cannot tell.

This used to only be a problem with magazine covers. This is a creepy zombie filter.

I hate it.

Now I can’t sit through a film without being pissed off.

If you’re going to take all the credit for hiring a black girl, she needs to stay black!

You can’t virtue signal something then change up that very thing!

And the ashy thing is indisputable. Pick for yourself, I did range.

No black girl in the history of the world is fucking lilac, Warner Bros!

The Chinese Question

It’ll get louder. Looking at demographics alone. There are more Chinese immigrants to America than Mexican.


They’re more anti-white than black people, who at least feel some gratitude not to live in the worst parts of Africa. Look at any social justice group, and there are more Asians than an anime convention (really) and they now have rank and prestige over the black people in those groups, I’ve been keeping tabs.

There would be no anchor babies were it not for one Chinaman.

You’ll see, they’re just siding with European-Americans for the time being as fairweather friends, to get the acts of legal precedent they need to advocate for themselves. At which point they’ll oppose white people openly, and I won’t be shocked.

Any time someone claims they want equality in this way, they mean mediocrity.

Asian collectivism is like an ancient form of communism, the young work for the old, no choices, who live to be very old for genetic reasons (see Japan). China is making its welfare state too big, bringing in too many pensions they cannot afford. They’re already heavily over-populated. This will spill over.

Japan, a matriarchy


It was all going well until the Chinese invaded.

Nobody wants to talk about it because they’re still doing it.

Now you have two races of “Japanese” women.

Guess which is real.


It still is women-led, but the men just pretend.

Men get allowances from their wives.

I wonder if the weebs will change their position on Japanese supremacy now?

In a race with low sexual dimorphism, I don’t think the matriarchy/patriarchy distinction can be made.

And it varies.

e.g. White Italian – matriarchy

White Greek – patriarchy in places, historically, modernity is a matriarchy.

Those are also very traditional areas.

This is not a coincidence, men in charge seek novelty and progressivism.

Patriarchal areas died out as men socially allowed themselves various self-destructive things, that ruined their societies (and no, they didn’t care) e.g. clubs their daughters would waitress in and strip clubs. Most modern societies are like this, being high-tech and based off America, which seemed initially matriarchal during ideas of a nation as a female (Columbia) extending to mother earth and Britannia while still in the Empire. This, until times of war led to gruelling taxes on some men. To justify this, the cartoon Uncle Sam was over-used for every shake-down and now all the men are in debt (national debt). Hey, at least you got a male-looking representative!


God help the Queen

She’s at least forty, she must have lied.

There is a rumour that her second dog’s timely injury was deliberate.

It didn’t fit into her image, she had to find a reason to get rid of it.

Dogs don’t typically break both back legs, it’s one front and one back.

Didn’t she give Guy away? Heard no update…


‘However, her other pup, a lab-shepherd mix named Bogart, wouldn’t quite fit the bill for a royal dog because according to Hanson he’s a “mongrel.”’