Size Zero & the Fashion Whores

The beauty of a culture reflects its values and emotional state.

Generally, as far as other people go, I say Hey, live how you want as long as it doesn’t impact me. Bother me, and I will bother you. With Size Zero, I think if they’re healthy, fine, let them do whatever they want to, but honestly, how many people are naturally healthy and that doll size? Where it impacts their health in favour of an image, that’s when you need to intervene.

Parade of the Fashion Whores

Nowadays, Amazonian-limbed, food-deprived children stomp catwalks, looked to as representatives, conforming to a new androgyny rooted in politically-correct  non-sexist motivation, designed to appeal to all.

Our “models” are angry, their pain apparent, the emaciation a physical representation of our own dissatisfaction with our lives.

Who says Fashion isn’t relevant?

They, the models, have the tokens of happiness; money, fame, looks, but they evoke an emptiness in the eyes sympathetic to us, not dissimilar to our own ingrained self-loathing at the lives we have chosen.

“If only” is not just the cry of the aspiring fashionable, pawing at the window of a designer store, but is a materialistic metaphor of us, pawing at the imaginary altar of future, potential contentment.

…You just can’t go on without that new cashmere sweater.

Beauty & Aesthetics of Life

This might surprise some, but under the shell of this bitter, disillusioned and disenchanted scholar lies a warm heart.
No, really.
And what do I mean by this? That I possess the ability to appreciate just as strongly as I may deprecate.
The value of experience, especially of beauty, lies in the fragility of its transience, and thus inherent rarity.
What we find beautiful varies between all of us, naturally.
However, the exact circumstances of the things (objects, people, world) we find beautiful can never occur identically twice; the perfect combination of timing and appreciation of living (in the reflection of beauty) is never quite the same again.
Humans are at their greatest when thinking in abstract.

Government Lies, Control, Greed, Street-Smarts & Education


The establishment is there to do two things: to keep us compliant so they can control us, and so they can make money out of us whenever possible.

If you don’t believe me, look around you. The government frequently lies; adultery in contrast to their apparent morals, immigration figures that hide how they clog the already packed system, secret bribes, expense accounts, stealing from unused private bank accounts, CCTV in areas with no crime, global warming threats that lead you to believe the world will end tomorrow, charities that guilt-trip you like modern-day con-men.

And look, give us money and all those problems will stop!

It’s magical thinking. Africa is still poor. It wants to be poor. It’s government wants it to be poor. They take your “contributions”. It happens the world over. Stealth taxes (“Green” and VAT?), rising regular taxes, bad government investments. It happens with companies too, but companies can be held accountable much easier than an establishment that changes its face every few years.


They’re the people that tell you who you are. What clothes to wear, what words are acceptable to use, what music you should be into, what newspaper you need to read, what books to read (and those banned because your fragile mind can’t cope), what food groups you should eat, how much you should eat, where you can achieve the “perfect” body only 1% of humanity has naturally. Most of the time, I bet you don’t notice. The Top 10 lists? They’re selling you stuff. The drinks on display at clubs? Advertisements. What the “cool people” drink. Haven’t you tried it?

What? What would you want if there was none of that? If there were no adverts?

You don’t know, do you?

Find out.


I might seem like a rule player. To even those closest to me, I buy into this system completely. I did well at school, didn’t get into trouble (on record, that doesn’t mean I didn’t break rules), and I buy things that aren’t strictly necessary. Appearances are just that. Like book covers. They betray nothing of the inside if you wish it. I am a deceptive cover. My writing is in a language you probably don’t recognise: freedom. You can learn it, if you try to understand. If you look around for yourself.

I don’t make a big thing of being anti-authoritarian, a rebel, because these things get you noticed. That is not good when you rely on invisibility for optimum chances of survival.

I play the system, by being exactly what it wants. So who could suspect it’s me screwing it behind the scenes?

There’s always a way to do this legally, by the way. The establishment makes it thus, so they can use the same methods.

When the timing is perfect and my way out cleared, I will escape.

I will be free to be myself, away from the constructed fairytales of consumerism and expectation.

A Greater Cause

My challenge then will be the escape of others. This cannot be the future of mankind, this generation with more money than all those before (accounting for inflation) must learn why they end up with nothing by the next pay-check. Cheap furniture and dinner parties to impress neighbours you secretly hate must be exposed. The whole circus of exploitation, capitalism and lies with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against capitalism. Only when people use it incorrectly.


It’s a fact that even Marx didn’t believe in communism, ask any unbiased expert. He knew it was “unworkable” but he thought it was a nice idea, a theory.

The facts are that everyone isn’t a politically-correct (how that phrase exists is proof of something), equally talented and hardworking member of civilization. We are all different. Communism wouldn’t work because everyone, being human, would want a free ride. Someone has to pay for the rides, people. At least half of us, if you think about it.

Capitalism allows opportunity to earn your own ride. Just because it doesn’t let a lazy  hitchhiker on isn’t a reason to dismiss it. In fact, that’s why I love it. The lazy and stupid, the undeserving criminals who steal and drug-deal to children, they will never get as far as their intellectual and really street-smart superiors. That is the way it should be. Even without society, that is the way nature works. The best get ahead. Liberals and communists can’t question nature.

I’ve worked to get where I am. It was too easy to be a teenage parent, with a record and no education, ruining chances of something else. I am proof, along with many others, that we choose our destination in life.

I won’t take the excuses of the undeserving. Street-smarts are being able to quickly and efficiently work your way out of any circumstance, playing the system (which is easier the higher up you’re considered when you start). Street-smarts are not the criminality that idiots use as an excuse for their acts as a way to bolster their rep, a street cred with value only on the same street of similar idiots e.g. those showing off ASBOs. Everyone laughs at these so-called “gangsters” because this is true. They’re too dumb to know about it.

I suggest their punishments become more severe, but no, communists and liberals want unbridled equality, human “rights” even in the face of inhumane crime.

Just, isn’t it?

I believe that if you deprive another person of a vital right e.g. to be unharmed, then you should lose yours. Tighten up the prison system, give their Sky TV to an orphanage. Care about the people who deserve it. Who need the best first chance at life.

I know I have blind-spots in my intelligence. Among them are music, language, grammar, occasional spelling errors, lapses of memory, mental arithmetic etc. But I know what counts, what makes a difference to my life and how to get where I want to be. I’d rather that than a dead language and expensive but useless “education” any day.

The 9 to 5: Illusions of Success and Ultimate Failure

With each increment of aging, new questions surface. One of the first to encounter is “maybe you should get a job”. The assumption being that the responsibility and experience will be somehow beneficial. Working for a faceless corporation though, fulfills only the weakest-willed among us. At each turn, you are at best used, and at worst broken.

Being employed by someone else is something I could never conceive. To waste my hours, my talent, for someone else to profit? Unthinkable.

My personal nightmare is a 9 to 5 with unpaid overtime, an evil manager, distracting gossip around the water cooler, low wages, being unappreciated, bored, trapped and pinning all my hopes on a promotion that would never come. It happens all the time.

So yes, I’d rather take a chance, and fail repeatedly by myself, than that apparent “success”. Those successful people either turn into workaholics, living to work, or they have a nervous breakdown down the line, when it’ll be difficult to change

It takes courage to step apart from the rest of your generation and say No, I want something better. The people in the system, like the Matrix, won’t like you, might fear you, secretly admire, but they can’t bring themselves to unplug.

Most people I encounter sense something about me, something new, they’ve called it everything from charisma (when I’m on their side) to arrogance (when I am not), but they sense I am different somehow and it affords me the opportunity to lead (even those with authority over me have allowed me to do this with their blessing); to control people for a common aim, normally career-driven. They know I draw energy from something, and they respect me for always maintaining my professional standards at what is frequently great personal risk. What drives me I never disclose, this would ruin my contacts with information overload. Cutting off my nose to spite my face. I like my nose how it is, thank you.

Like any system, there is a way out of ours. And I’m determined to play the system until I find it. Even it if kills me.

This trapdoor won’t be easy to root out, obviously. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. But I’ll put in the hours of my spare time others will think I’m wasting, look at the loopholes (legal and otherwise) of this life I find myself in. To find a way out. To tunnel to freedom. And I’ll document my thoughts along the road, of course.

Materialism, Money and Academia

You aren’t the stuff you own. When you get a lot of it, it’s called clutter for a reason. You acquire a responsibility to maintain it all. You need very little of it, like those ridiculous kitchen gadgets selling you the image of domestic perfection.

The last time you looked in a zoo, how happy were those animals? You’re trapped too. You’re in an invisible prison that resembles a department store. That is your world, your habitat. That stuff you buy? The plastic trinkets shipped worldwide?  It gets made because it gets sold. If people like you stopped buying up such crap, they would stop making it.

The only thing you need lots of is security. For most people, this means money. Pretty much everything else can go to hell and you wouldn’t notice. So why spend your money on useless tat? They’re laughing at you. You’re going about buying happiness, but the wrong way. It’s the illusion of happiness, a rush of adrenaline, and buyer’s remorse. That is your addiction.

My current prison is academia. The point is, I choose it. I choose the subject, I write the essays and lab reports, I get credit. I even get paid. It’s like a job, only with prestige and an identity. And some freedom. I can go after more in life after I’ve become bored with it. It creates opportunities, the only true key to true happiness. Knowledge is power. I’m building up my reserves, and will do for the rest of my life. That’s why the rich have libraries. It’s to show how much power they have. A manifestation of what they hope you think their brain is filled with. You can tell the most about a person by the books they read.

If you have money, it is the currency of opportunities. You can buy whatever identity and life you decide to go for. That’s why money can buy happiness. Because money buys anything. Little gizmos you can’t justify aren’t happiness, they’re cheap thrills. Like fast food to a home-cooked meal. You’re just too lazy or inept to cook.

Hello, world

The above is the recommended title for my first post on this blog. So many people do as they’re told, or “recommended”, don’t they?

I do things quite differently. This blog will serve as an expressive outlet for me to shake things up with my true opinions, using my academic background and life experience to enhance it. I have ensured this option of honesty the easiest way I know how, by making it anonymous (or at least pseudonymed).

If you don’t like thinking in new ways about old things, don’t complain. Just don’t read on.

You’ve been warned.