Size Zero & the Fashion Whores

The beauty of a culture reflects its values and emotional state.

Generally, as far as other people go, I say Hey, live how you want as long as it doesn’t impact me. Bother me, and I will bother you. With Size Zero, I think if they’re healthy, fine, let them do whatever they want to, but honestly, how many people are naturally healthy and that doll size? Where it impacts their health in favour of an image, that’s when you need to intervene.

Parade of the Fashion Whores

Nowadays, Amazonian-limbed, food-deprived children stomp catwalks, looked to as representatives, conforming to a new androgyny rooted in politically-correct  non-sexist motivation, designed to appeal to all.

Our “models” are angry, their pain apparent, the emaciation a physical representation of our own dissatisfaction with our lives.

Who says Fashion isn’t relevant?

They, the models, have the tokens of happiness; money, fame, looks, but they evoke an emptiness in the eyes sympathetic to us, not dissimilar to our own ingrained self-loathing at the lives we have chosen.

“If only” is not just the cry of the aspiring fashionable, pawing at the window of a designer store, but is a materialistic metaphor of us, pawing at the imaginary altar of future, potential contentment.

…You just can’t go on without that new cashmere sweater.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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