While I was away

I was working away like a very busy little bee.
In short: I’ve left academia. I’m working on my own income streams. Investments are churning.
All round: Good result.
In my previous form, the Dark Enlightenment bent of topics was unfashionable, now it’s the new black. I like to think I had a hand in this, away from the internet too. I have a thorough knowledge of academese tactics now which I shall not hesitate to put to full usage.

3 responses to “While I was away

  1. It is said that the young Akiba Rubinstein learned to play chess and seemed to be making modest progress. Then he disappeared for some months. When he returned, he was a tremendously improved player, a master.

    He never would tell anyone where he’d gone and what he’d done during those months. Rightly so.

      • Many wise persons have noted over the millennia–the burden of seeing reality more clearly than most. And yet, would anyone have wished instead to be “average”, wholly unaware of higher things and without that clarity?

        No, it is worth far more than it costs.

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