Quick Wisdom: Why aren’t young men marrying young women?

Men marry for logical reasons, they believe they need to secure a woman to keep the benefits of a relationship going (or she will leave). Women tend to marry for emotional reasons, excepting gold-diggers.

Given this, why are more men choosing to marry less?

It is illogical to do so.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Why? Ant and grasshopper.
If a man wanders off and makes a success of himself (attractive prospect in the marriage market) in the same time that a woman is wasting her youth (and yeah, that’s important for fertility reasons), there is no logical reason to buy in, especially when they can get a woman younger than themselves and less entitled (age does that).

What is the solution?
Women aren’t going to like it….

Become better wives.

Like a job, you need to demonstrate the skills before you get that promotion. It requires effort. Hey, just like a marriage!

Apply Autocorrect, Replace: “privilege” with easy life or happiness

  • You should be ashamed of your easy life.
  • Check your happiness.
  • I am sorry for my easy life.
  • Happiness should be equally distributed throughout the population.
  • No one should have an easy life, it is wrong.
  • My government program would combat those with an easy life.

Do you believe in magic, in a young SJW's heart? Cos that's primo magical thinking padre NB. The Autocorrect/Replace game is useful when considering political propaganda. Your results may vary.

Neoreactionaries, take note of Toynbee

“Here then is one possible projection of the future of mankind’s life on earth. The histories of past universal states allow us to make some general postulates about our own future, and can even offer us some positive lessons, but perhaps the single greatest lesson that we can learn from them is a negative one. Mankind longs today for a world united in peace and freedom, but in the past only the bitter experience of prolonged disunity and war, culminating in intolerable anarchy and distress, has moved men to attempt the salvation of their hard-pressed societies by the forcible unification of rival parochial polities. Even if this has not invariably resulted in the imposition of a tyranny, it has always presaged the eventual downfall of a society. Today we cannot afford the luxury of waiting to learn this lesson by a repetition, at first hand, of our predecessors’ experience; for, if we do wait, the choices open to us will be reduced to alternatives of a world tyranny or the end of life itself. Our knowledge of the past histories of other societies than our own must move us to forestall disaster by taking the future into our hands. If we sit back, we shall find ourselves overtaken by events that have passed beyond our control.” ~ Toynbee, A Study of History, Part VI Universal States. Published 1972.

Quick Wisdom, On — Atheism Supremacists

There is no such thing as a successful atheist country.

Like it or not, humanity appears to require religion to thrive.

Faith begets faith in humanity and on a smaller scale, community. The community must be homogenous for members to find contribution fulfilling instead of depriving (surrendering resources to a geographically present, invading outgroup). “Diverse” communities corrupt and become parasitic whatever the excessive funding or weak leadership (see: The Third World for the results of decades of patience and tolerance). Anyone with computer access can research this.

Thankfully, atheists reproduce less because their superior intellects have trouble reading fertility replacement charts.

Article: Cultural Collapse Theory

A succinct summary of events we should be wary of. Give it a chance.

“All cultural identity will eventually be lost, and to be “American” or “British,” for example, will no longer have modern meaning from a sociological perspective. Native traditions will be eradicated and a cultural mixing will take place where citizens from one world nation will be nearly identical in behavior, thought, and consumer tastes to citizens of another. Once a collapse occurs, it cannot be reversed. The nation’s cultural heritage will be forever lost.”

It's cold on the front line of civilization

Quick Wisdom: “Don’t waste the pretty.”

This is the best piece of advice modern women are never given.
In fact, we’re told the opposite.
Our main media tell us things in opposition to our best interests. Now, perhaps we might suspect this with the fad dieting and other overt examples but until it really kicks up a notch with exposure by the likes of us, the herd behaviour of women will dictate we walk like lemmings off a cliff. In Jimmy Choos.

Decent fashions are also hard to come by, some of don't want to dress like skanks, thanks

It’s all downhill from here, dollface. Plan accordingly.

Oestrogen studies can’t be wished away. Use your most feminine weapon while it is at its sharpest.