Quick Wisdom, On — Atheism Supremacists

There is no such thing as a successful atheist country.

Like it or not, humanity appears to require religion to thrive.

Faith begets faith in humanity and on a smaller scale, community. The community must be homogenous for members to find contribution fulfilling instead of depriving (surrendering resources to a geographically present, invading outgroup). “Diverse” communities corrupt and become parasitic whatever the excessive funding or weak leadership (see: The Third World for the results of decades of patience and tolerance). Anyone with computer access can research this.

Thankfully, atheists reproduce less because their superior intellects have trouble reading fertility replacement charts.

7 responses to “Quick Wisdom, On — Atheism Supremacists

  1. Man is sometimes corrupt but nearly always an opportunist having the welfare of number one in mind. Faith is merely a veneer often used as a cover for getting to the top of the pile. All labels like Atheists, Christians , Islamists cover the ravening wolf whose brain power will eventually bring about his downfall.

    • In the absence of scripture humanity is still spiritual. Yes, it can be used as a cover by sociopaths but the stringent controls of society are unnecessary, a true fear of a Hell is often enough to keep most people in line.

  2. Seems to me you’ve met just the arrogant atheists and not the nice funny ones, which is quite saddening. (I would suggest visiting God’s Facebook page. The username is TheGoodLordAbove I think)

    And yes, religion can sometimes be helpful but it can also be harmful especially when it’s used for being judgemental towards others and for making laws that are neither necessary nor practical. Some religious people also tend to just accept things, never questioning and never thinking for themselves, just because that topic in question is part of their religion.

    • I do not apply it to all atheists or those with leanings (of which I am one). I apply it to the pushers, those who would limit others and tow the common lines of acceptable neoatheist doctrine (misquoting of Dawkins abound). I only complain about the extreme ones calling for the eradication of all religion worldwide by force and mocking any positive effect belief has, especially on the poor who cling to it for support.

      • Well, that’s true that there are some arrogant atheists but I wouldn’t hold it against them if they mock religious people. Plus some religious people make it so easy to be mocked.

        I understand how some poor cling to it for support but just because they’re poor doesn’t mean they can’t afford to think critically and logically.

        Also, being poor doesn’t have anything to do with it, really. So many rich people still believe in “one true god”.

        I understand though that many of those indoctrinated just don’t bother to think about the validity of their religion because sometimes they don’t have any reason to do so. Therefore they just let it be.

        I suppose it just depends on each person’s experience and how much they love thinking.

  3. Well if humanity is spiritual there certainly is not too much evidence in the present world and even in the pre-Darwin era we had a dog eat dog world order. The problem in the world is not religion but human nature, it is very similar to the rats only technologically far more dangerous. The rat may win out in the end.

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