China last week dropped using Microsoft’s Windows 8 on state owned computers and since then in very big news told all state owned entities to discontinue business with U.S. consulting firms. Cisco says that they have not received any new Chinese orders in a month and IBM supercomputers are now being taken out of service.

The East Wind is rising.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Enter the Dragon

The USA Neocon regime has turned China and Russia into tight allies of each other, in an iron alliance against the USA.

Note — this is my 1914th post. Who gets the reference?

Fighting the financial war on the US is bleeding us slowly. They are happy to just fight a financial war — you win without losing soldiers. It’s much easier than hot war, and will make the hot war easier if or when it finally does break out.

Can you imagine World War III? You think the rednecks from Kentucky and Indiana are raring to go fight for Obama? LOL. And to the degree that the USA uses superweapons instead of rednecks, they are going to be regarded as criminals because the super weapons will kill a lot of civilians.

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Far-left Royal Holloway Student’s Union will refuse to serve alcohol to drunk students

You couldn’t invent a better satire story. Apply it to other London Universities, we dare you.

Sugar they're going down.Remember kids: Under Communism, alcohol is a luxury!

Medicare will cover transsexual surgeries, still not all children’s cancers

This is what is wrong with you, America.

from here;

“Even if your child has health insurance, you’ll find that it doesn’t cover all the costs involved.”

The application of logic is wanting



Data diving: 2TB of antique papers available for free download


“Early Journal Content is a selection of pre-1923 materials from more than 350 journals and includes articles in the arts and humanities, economics and politics, and mathematics and other sciences.”

I shouldn't get this happy over old papers but I do