Victimhood novels taken off British Curriculum

The outrage! The posturing! Faux brain cells!

My suggestions;

7 responses to “Victimhood novels taken off British Curriculum

      • I couldn’t help but note your title to your post. Are you in the UK or the US? Just wondering about your choice of words…hummm…no offense intended I promise! If anything it may be more insightful than not. I most certainly have not read Twilight, and while I own a copy of Middlemarch, I have NOT read it. I remember classmates reading The Crucible but I have only a dim memory of it myself. It was definitely news to me to read in the Guardian article that it was intended as a commentary on anti communism in the McCarthy Era but given what I know of that topic from another angle NOW it makes sense.

      • ❤ My mother's family is from the UK and I still have some cousins there but we are no longer in touch since Nana has passed away. (we are in the States now) I just couldn't help but make a note of how 20th century American lit is described by the literate classes in the UK…Lol! Politics and cultural commentary knows no bounds!

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