Gloves leave prints too, criminals

Protip: Unless you coat it in a thin film of plastic to settle in the cracks of leather over the entire glove, until flat (check with microscope). Then again, if you’re smart enough to do that, you probably don’t require a life of crime.

I suppose this could be a neat way to frame someone.

They can find fingerprints on cash and receipts now

This is why the BoE (Bank of England) is trying to move to plastic-based cash. And they pass microbes better too.

“The technology, which has been developed by Dr John Bond OBE from the University of Leicester’s Department of Chemistry, uses a specially tailored UV light source to visualise fingerprints not possible to see otherwise on ‘thermal paper’ — that is, the paper used for shop receipts and for bank statements from ATMs.

Historically, the process of visualising fingerprints on thermal paper has been problematic, as the solvent used in the chemical treatment can colour the dye and turn the whole paper black, rendering thermal paper a ‘problem surface’ to recover fingerprints from.

The new technology developed by Dr Bond counters these issues, making it possible to identify fingerprints on all forms of thermal paper efficiently.

Dr Bond said: “This new technology offers a new way of easily looking for fingerprints on an increasing source of paperwork that criminals are likely to handle when committing a variety of offences.”

Article: Everyone a harlot

“Because just about the only manly thing that most men are allowed to do is bang, I am more sympathetic. I see what many call game as a kind of gateway masculinity. Game is essentially assertiveness training for a generation of young men who spent most of their lives playing “mother may I?”

Manliness is like a talent. Some males are more gifted than others, but like any talent, masculinity has to be pushed and developed to amount to anything impressive. Boys who were raised by single moms or overprotective parents and put through the public school feminist brain-washing system were never tried or trained by groups of hard men. You can’t hand a hen-pecked boy a high school diploma and expect him to spit like Clint Eastwood.

When they talk about game, men in the Manosphere are shoveling through the bullshit that the system tells boys about girls. This is work that needs to be done. If average young guys believe the official malarkey they are told about sex and relationships, they’ll be used and abused by entitled American girls for the rest of their lives. And, as they unpack feminist myths about the sexes, I’ve seen a lot of those guys start to wonder what it really means to be men. This is an important conversation. However, it almost seems like a safer route in today’s cultural climate to make chasing poon a long-term lifestyle choice. That’s where the positive mean slides toward a negative extreme.”

Simpson’s idea of the metrosexual is a “mirror man” whose highest narcissistic concerns are pleasure-seeking and being regarded as “desirable.” He may be in love with himself, but that, too, is a shallow kind of love. He cares more about how he looks and how well he fucks than what he has achieved or how well he is respected. It’s a harlot’s vanity.”

More than 2/4 of US youth ineligible for military duty

h/t to Thinking Housewife

I don’t think they’d know what the word duty even means. Is that a band?

If you want to fix the youth, everyone does a year. Everyone. Conscription Unpaid. You can’t lose weight? You’ll lose weight. You have mental health issues? Take the pills and run. You are not a special snowflake.

The irrationality of forcing stupid women into science

This is a subject quite close to me. I’ve started receiving letters from hopeful liberal arts majors at charities and departments encouraging me to “contribute” to their “initiatives” to “encourage” women into STEM.

Their dreams, look how they die.
………………..Why encourage any competition?

The Bling Ring

I could post on forensic/crim subjects if there’s an interest.
The Met here in London uses a statistical coupling method that could, between us, also be accomplished with compasses.


This is a post about a group of American teenagers, the Bling Ring, who burglarized celebrities. These were AMERICAN teens. If American teens can become soldiers, cops or successful robbers, anyone can.

As has been mentioned, 95% of any op is preparation. Most celebs rely upon cameras and gates for home protection. Usually no one is watching the cameras. Celebs are cheap too and don’t want to pay someone 40K/year to sit on a camera.

The BR worked by using google maps, TMZ, and tabloids. They checked when the mark was out of town. They did recon and took notes. They wore hoodies and scarfs to cover their identities.

They took jewelry, cashola, clothes, other valuables. Some hauls were in the millions. Sometimes they’d go back multiple times, as celebs are often out of town for long stretches. The rich often hide the good stuff behind…

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