The Redpill is a toolkit


“The Red Pill, as I’ve stated frequently in the past, isn’t an ideology, as she claims.  Ideology is a set of beliefs. The Red Pill isn’t.  Its a praxeology, or method of doing things to achieve a particular goal.  That’s an important distinction.

The Red Pill is a collection of skills and methods – call it a tool box, to stay in masculine parlance – designed to help men (and some brave women) live happier, more fulfilling lives.  It isn’t dependent upon an ideology.  It’s dependent upon observable truths and reality-based results.

The Red Pill toolbox is replete with resources, but she focuses narrowly on the PUA side of the equation.  In doing so she blatantly ignores the larger picture and issues involved.  Sure, many men come to the Red Pill searching for a way to get laid – because that’s a seriously important male issue.  But the focus of the Red Pill has always been masculine self improvement.  Problem is, Aunt Giggles wants to dictate to men just how they should improve themselves.  Not so that they will be happier in their lives . . . but so they can become more useful to women.

The true Red Pill man does not blame women for what they have become.  He merely recognizes the paucity of quality women in our society, and if he is inclined toward developing a long-term relationship, he becomes knowledgeable about how to recognize and pursue them.  Or, conversely, if he has decided that a LTR is not in his best personal interest, he uses those tools to pursue women for short term sexual liaisons.  There are even Red Pill men who decide that any interpersonal relationship with a woman is not in their interest.  They do not measure their masculinity in belt notches.  Neither do I.

But that last line is where she really screws up.  Because at the top of the Red Pill toolbox, the very first thing you take out, is personal responsibility.  And one of the first things you discard from your own scarred heart is the idea of blaming someone else – man or woman, men or women – for your troubles.  If you aren’t willing to take responsibility for your actions, you aren’t taking the Red Pill.  Pure and simple.

The secret of the relationship side of the Red Pill, see, is not to wait around for “Ms. Right” to stick to the windshield of your BMW, it’s to make yourself into the right man to attract the right woman for you. 

That’s part of what sticks in Giggles’ craw about the Red Pill: it empowers men to recognize poor quality women and avoid committing to them in the first place, or discarding them after they’ve been tried and tested in the social and erotic arena.

That’s what’s scary about the Red Pill for Giggles and her gigglettes: because it encourages a man to decline offering a commitment after trying it out.  It’s not the poor carpenters arguing over the prettier veneer and bitching about the lack of good wood, as she implies, it’s the really good carpenters who are going to pass over 90% of the lumber because he’s been properly trained in how to spot their defects, and he’s often eager to pass along that wisdom.

THAT’S what really frightens women like Giggles about it – not the possibility of misogyny, but the possibility that men will recognize their own worth enough to be highly selective about their mates, be even more stingy with their willingness to commit, and that the poorer quality women she’s writing for will suffer accordingly.”

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