Dedication to studies at high school translates as success in life


“High school grade point average (GPA) is a strong predictor of future earnings, a study concludes. The findings show that a one-point increase in high school GPA raises annual earnings in adulthood by around 12 percent for men and 14 percent for women. Although previous studies have found a relationship between higher levels of education and greater earnings, less is known about the association between academic performance in high school and income.”

How about time management? Memory retention and retrieval? Not procrastinating?

4 responses to “Dedication to studies at high school translates as success in life

  1. The dark truth is that if a child is stupid, its grades will be poor throughout its education, barring fraud or incompetence on the part of evaluating educators. Community efforts should be toward directing youth into trades where they can best perform. That requires parents and “advocates” accept that not all children can compete at the same level of intellectual competence. Best outcomes may require lower expectations.

      • Perhaps some dumb parents think this way. You got kids? That’s NOT why I pay thousands of dollars per year for my children’s education. I pay that money for the cold, hard truth so my kids know what they’re up against and how best to succeed. Any sane person with more than one child consciously compares children and makes investment decisions. There’s so much money at stake and for many of us, these kids will be a significant hedge against elderly impoverishment.

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