Sweden is top immigrant destination in Europe

and GB is fifth. Out of all of Europe.

I wonder what their motivation could possibly be?


“Britain was in fifth place in the list of countries taking the highest number of all asylum seekers. The EU member state taking in the highest number was Sweden (26,400), followed by Germany (26,100), France (16,200), Italy (14,500), and then Britain (13,400).

The largest group of asylum seekers granted protection in the United Kingdom came from Iran (1,890), followed by those from Pakistan (1,735) and Syria (1.545).”

6 responses to “Sweden is top immigrant destination in Europe

  1. Sweden’s population is aging quickly. With many people retiring, they need tax payers and as the birth rate in Sweden has been fairly low for a number of decades, they must bring people from elsewhere in order to afford the pension for the elderly swedes.

      • Yes, but they’re first and foremost seen as a solution rather than as a threat. Afterall, they do not really have a choice; there’s no other way of increasing the number of tax payers as quickly.

      • Well naturally by then Sweden wishes to have produced enough tax payers through natural birth to ensure their retirement days in return. That’s at least the logic: playing some more time. Whether or not this will be successful, I cannot tell. But it does seem unlikely, I admit that.

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