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If you are a man, at one point in your life you must have dreamt of freedom. 
Whether it is financial freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to choose your path, a place to live and other liberties.
Seeking freedom is an innate basic aspiration of human beings and can take many forms. Some dream of riding the waves or the fresh air of mountain tops to and escape routine office life. Some dream of a million dollars and a boat to sail away without a worry in the world. But what most fail to understand is that freedom comes with a price and the age old sentence “all men are born free” is perhaps true in principle, however this is far from reality. For we are born in captivity and akin to the gladiators of old we must fight to gain our freedom. 

Illusion of Freedom/Levels

After observation I came to the sam   e…

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Report: EU immigrants likelier to be employed than native Brits

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British-born workers are less likely to be employed in the UK than European Union immigrants, according to new figures from the Eurostat agency in Brussels.

The figures, according to the Telegraph, show that as a proportion of those employed, EU migrants are more likely to have jobs over British workers. The Telegraph notes that the new statistics may prompt “new concerns about the number of jobs going to the immigrant workforce.”

Eurostat found that 75.4 percent of British citizens aged between 20 and 64 were in work in 2013, compared with 79.2 percent of EU nationals living in the UK – a fact that has drawn the ire of representatives of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

UKIP’s Economic Spokesperson Steve Woolfe is quoted as having said: “These stats show the unequal nature of our current migration policy which puts Europeans before Britons, and Europeans before the rest of the world. 

“The million Britons currently unemployed must surely be asking why the UK is a member of the EU, when the employment rate of EU nationals in the UK is higher than it is for British nationals.”

Analysts suggested earlier this month that there is now evidence towards the notion that immigration is causing a decline in wages – contrary to the claims made by pro-immigration advocates on the Left, and on the libertarian Right.

The Telegraph quotes Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch UK: “These new figures confirm those from the Office for National Statistics which show that as the UK economy has recovered from the recession, the employment rate of British workers is increasing much more slowly than for EU workers.

“This raises the question of whether British workers are losing out to immigrant workers.

Soy is a chick food

Need I mention phytoestrogens?

Lifelong soy consumption, similar to the diet of women in Asia, produces the least atherosclerosis. Switching to a Western diet after menopause, similar to Asian migrants to North America, leads to just as much atherosclerosis as a lifelong Western diet, and switching to soy from a Western diet after menopause helps only if there isn’t much atherosclerosis already.

Nigel Farage (UKIP) comments on PM Cameron’s benefit reform promises

The problem with mass migration is not so much the misuse of benefits by a minority – though that is wrong – but is the impact of mass, low-waged and unskilled labour upon the wages, employment opportunities and services in this country. I have been campaigning for years, not on the point of benefits, but the impact of the sheer numbers.

Even Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, couldn’t help but allude to the subject last week as he talked about a “staggering” 25 per cent slump in demand from Europe for British exports, combined with what he described as the effects of “more labour supply than we had previously thought”. [British humour translation: yeah, we’re fucked.] He went on to comment that we have “severe” structural problems due to a “chronic” shortfall in housing. Yes, these things are related.

Just look at the way that growth is disproportionately helping the rich, who benefit from cheap labour supply, while the low-waged see pay cuts and freezes. The Local Government Association tells us that there will be a shortfall of 130,000 primary school places in the next three years, caused almost entirely by migration and a soaring birth rate among first-generation migrants.

Open-door immigration from ex-communist countries with GDPs wildly different from our own has resulted in a situation where the lives of millions of our citizens are affected by an issue over which, due to our membership of the European Union, we have no control. But the Prime Minister is promising to bring in measures that will affect a few thousand people, rather than deal with an issue that impacts on the lives of millions.

What Mr Cameron’s article in The Telegraph yesterday really shows is the fear in this Government of the public’s anger, and its impotence in the face of its obligations to European law.

No amount of warm words or glib promises will provide any confidence that the Government has either the will or the desire to act effectively on migration. Nor will they change the fact that such action is impossible while Britain remains a member of the European Union.