Feminist Claudia Boleyn’s Fake Queer video

I feel sorry for your father. Truly. I’m sure he’s a very decent, upright person.

“I don’t wanna give this person [woman, actually, hello!] publicity.”
Thankfully I know how to use the internet, I can have as much or as little publicity as I desire sweetums. And I don’t want traffic from people who think you’re a good source of life advice given your psychiatric background. Pretty fair, I’d say.

Note: I never called her a fake anything. Another lie.

Jittery, isn’t she? Is that a side effect of meds? I haven’t seen her that jittery before, even blogging about GAD on tumblr. Perhaps we hit a nerve.

This girl (woman implies mental maturity) has published a series of personal details online over years of time. These details, spanning countless pages of her blogs, social media accounts and videos (I need a stiff drink for any of it tbh) are filled with victimhood whines begging for attention. When people repeat any of these, even with quotes (that’s the real reason she didn’t link), she doesn’t like it. Then why are you putting it online dear? It’s an information exchange platform, not a diary under your bed.

You are not qualified to lecture on complex issues.
Neither are you a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
Your opinion is based on the gay porn masturbation echo chamber called tumblr.

I explained the positions on the original post. Here’s a refresher;

“Queer is “outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity”

and this reply comment of mine;

“I’m not attempting to discredit here, that would involve making stuff up. I have presented easily obtainable evidence with plenty of links that she has in most presentations of herself omitted for personal gain and to win followers who are none the wiser.
She has also referred to herself as “cis” without gender in her videos, which according to http://geneq.berkeley.edu/lgbt_resources_definiton_of_terms precludes matching the sex-based expectations of society aka “straight”.”

Let’s review: she cited ???????????? and I cited the Gender Equity Center at Berkeley Uni. Yet she posts this little video as “education”. Either she is lying again or she is deluded in thinking she knows better than qualified people (such as myself, to know this, and Berkeley).
Splice in some Bayesian reasoning, Occam’s Razor, whatever, who is likelier correct?

In light of  her “queer is an umbrella term for our movement”. No, it isn’t. That’s why LGBTQA are separate letters. Are you telling me you don’t know alphabet now? What a troll.

Let us review how you stand legally. The acts protecting a person’s details (from the public) apply when you do not divulge those details on a public forum. You have violated your own right to privacy on those details with your own right to publicity. You choose one over another for those details. Citing those is the intellectually correct thing to do, the standard practice.

If you wish to discuss controversial subjects, you will attract controversy. Way of the world.

No man will white knight for you against another woman, that’s why you said “person”. I am not a person, that is misogynist and reductive, I am a woman. See? I can explain the things you do. Oh, if you were one of my patients, we’d have such fun.

“I like the word queer.” Bloody hell, a sentence of honesty!

“You need to educate yourself.” Oh. Oh honey.

You assume heteronormativity on my part. Eugh. No. How else would I know the details better than you. Personally? No.
And look, the cocoon of safety from the evil straight normal people is broken! I could go into appearance reasons why you’re Not My Type as proof, but it’d probably upset your father.

“Stop being so ignorant.”

You first.

“I don’t mind any sort of criticism [ahem] and responses to what I do,”

“I like that kinda thing [no you evidently don’t], I’m glad people are watching my material” [but not talking about it]

Bitch did I stutter? I never insulted bisexuals. I never insulted women. What are you on because I need some after watching this and responding, mostly for your poor father’s sake.

“We’re assumed we’re being bi for attention.”
No. It can be assumed you are saying it for attention. In much the same way you’re saying it now. Sexuality isn’t a flawless argument winning card. I’m treating you as an equal. That’s what you also said you wanted. Repeatedly.

“It’s not about arousing some man somewhere.” Then please explain why lipgloss lesbians exist. I can’t stand them. Go big or go home.

Around 8 minutes this shit gets meta.

“People pretend to be from marginalized groups for internet cred… surely that displays how much privilege you have.”

You’re upper class. You cannot hide your accent. Yet you attack a stranger on the internet for privilege. This is why feminism is dying. Intersectionality ftw.

“To imagine that we would, that it would be fun… as if we’re having a great time, yeah, … it doesn’t work like that.”
If you say so. We all know how accurate your opinions are.

The choice thing isn’t coherent. You have a choice who you have sex with. If you have sex. That sort of thing. Or are you a mindless slave to your broad impulses where you must indulge every single one of them, both sexes and all persons within? There’s a hidden law saying bisexuals must sleep with 50:50 in club orgies and I’m kidding of course but I wouldn’t put it past her to try and quote that as serious.

“I spent years and years confused.” Really? You didn’t just think ah, I like men but oh, that woman’s hot too? Cos that’s what  I I’ve heard happens. Bi isn’t tough. It’s 1+1. It’s wanting to bed both. I doubt with a caring father like yours, there was all this trauma, Mary Sue. Sexual impulse doesn’t make a person suicidal. If you were, you wouldn’t be sitting comfy at home posting happy videos about it, you wouldn’t have the energy or inclination, you’d be in a psych ward under supervision after two doctors gave the clear to detain you without your consent. See? Education.

“Internalized biphobia”. No dear, that’s generic behaviour-based self-hatred and you’re rationalizing it as a sexuality you can push deep down and ignore because tumblr gave you the model of oppression. Quote that to your shrink and they’ll know what I mean.

“There were no resources”. I’m older than you. I’ve been online since I was 10. Library have the internet and books.

“They don’t say they are to be popular on the internet. I get this a lot with my mental illnesses as well… sometimes it can help to listen to someone else and connect to someone else [a professional] online” [*sound of facepalming*] Unhealthy. You have comorbid range of conditions. That is the worst idea and any good professional would tell you to go to them instead for those needs. They are needs. Emotional needs.

You don’t speak for tumblr either….. Your social justice warrior princess type are a tiny % of it. Most of it is hardcore porn and hipsters. Sometimes both.

“It’s about saving lives” NOT YOUR JOB. Tell them to see a professional. That’s it. You are causing more harm than any imaginary help that way.

Ahhh. I guess the suicides you were referencing had nothing to do with the domestic abuse and drug rates among those social groups? Educate yourself, deary.

“We need to stop thinking of cis as being normal”. Did you study maths at school? Really study, not scribble flowers in pink gel pen. Normal is a statistical property, you have no ability to change the subject of statistics. Here, I picked something at your level.

“Help a community that needs support”  Over six percent WORLDWIDE, ALL charity spending? $72.6 MILLION. Not cancer. No. Not degenerative diseases. No. Not infant mortality. Not space travel. Not the common cold. Not even HIV. Over 1 in 20 dollars of ALL charity globally to wave a flag, and you think it isn’t enough. Well shit, I’m glad our economy is tanking, you’ll need to learn how the real world works pretty quickly.

“If you’re complaining about that then you really need to get your life in check.”
*sigh* I am dealing with a child. I am going to be kind here, a first on here. Your father’s pension? Not gonna happen. It won’t be there by the time he needs to cash it in. Plan your finances accordingly. There, I’ve helped you. Go ahead, continue to hate me, but when the coming financial crises happen, I tried.

If you have an hour, here’s a recent (<1y) breakdown of this country’s finances.

In the next video readers, she rounds on other members of her own community.

4 responses to “Feminist Claudia Boleyn’s Fake Queer video

  1. Love your content, but here’s a definition of queer from Berkeley:
    Queer- An umbrella term to refer to all LGBTIQ people.
    However, the definition also includes ‘A simple label to explain a complex set of sexual behaviors and desires. For example, a person who is attracted to multiple genders may identify as queer.’
    The entry on Gender-queer reads (in accordance with what you’ve said) ‘A person whose gender identity is neither man nor woman, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders’.

    Is Claudia still wrong on this issue, or is your definition more accurate to the relevant context?

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