Feminist Claudia Boleyn’s 10 common misconceptions about feminism DEBUNKED

This came up when I was re-watching AVFM videos. Specifically this one about feminist shaming tactics, by a real woman.

“There’s no way they could’ve seen the video or read the post” (before disapproving of her or questioning her)
I get the feeling this is gonna be fun.

“I think it’s important to listen to what feminists have to say on feminism.” Deal. If you think it’s important to treat non-feminists as human beings capable of an equally free and justifiable opinion that happens to differ from yours.

She yaps on for ages about her personal blogs. Just plug them and get it over with.

“There are so many comments that think they’re arguing with me but they’re literally agreeing with me in different words.” ~ Claudia Boleyn

“We’re really not a hate group.” Except patriarchy. Already this is worthwhile.

1. Feminists are fat, hairy lesbians?

Stereotype. Without any studies on feminists, we cannot know either way. I would read such studies.
“Some of us are fat, some of us are hairy, some of us are lesbians.” So you’re saying it’s true. A stereotype needn’t apply to the entire group. Then she says she’s queer but not a lesbian.

2. Feminists hate men

Answer this: which sex is patriarchy? Which race? Which class?
“Feminists don’t hate men, feminists hate partriarchy.” So you are a hate group.
She speaks about it like a faceless entity. No, every group is comprised of people. Who are these people you hate?
“Upheld by men over women.” So you do actually hate men. Women cannot be patriarchy, so by hating it you can only hate men, the people behind the label.
She goes on about a “dangerous way of thinking” about traditional gender roles, those are based on women carrying the babies of the species. I will omit her little whines for clarity where they’re not funny.
“Feminists don’t hate men because they are men HOWEVER, feminists do have a hatred and a dislike for men that-” I’m gonna stop you right there. You don’t get to tell men what to do. Who died and made you Pope.
Misuse of Strawman fallacy.
She goes on to say if a man conforms to the behaviours she personally finds socially desirable, she (and feminists) won’t hate him. Oh! So the lucky few will be exempt from your hatred! How sweet of you! How gracious to spare them!
“The problem is that there are unfortunately a lot of men-” Yeah we get it. -“that don’t” We know. You want male slaves bowing to your whim. We know. “And yeah we have a lot of resentment towards them and that’s fair enough.” Would you castrate these men? Take away their symbolic and literal manhood? Serious question. Should male castration be a feminist punishment?
You say stereotype as if that makes it untrue. Stereotypes become so because they are generally true.
She keeps blaming the media. Granted, the MSM lie, but they can’t lie about everything. If a feminist does something wrong, they will reference it. It’s their role in our culture. That isn’t bad, it’s socially responsible in the public interest.

3. Feminists don’t care about men

You hate them by default because everyone in patriarchy is one and as you said a few minutes ago, you hate that. Hating is worse than not caring. “Liberation for women especially.”

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal ~ A fictional pig.

“Gender roles which are harmful to all people.” Then why do trans people have such terrible mental health? They’re the living experiment of what happens if you choose to ignore your biology. It fucks you up. Hey, who cares about studies, that show women are flocking back to the kitchen by choice? Your activism isn’t a finite resource. You are choosing to spend your time on women and exclude men, instead of making your activism equal in its support. “Although it isn’t about men and I really have to stress, it isn’t about men as a focus, it does help men too.” No evidence.
How do you define weak? A lack of testosterone or other key chemicals in the body? In which case, effeminate men are weak, there are differences in body chemistry. Is it feminine behaviour? That is a choice. Make feminine behaviours acceptable to both men and women and that would disappear. Except feminism tries to masculinize women, so you can’t do that.
The stiff upper lip applies to everyone. Crying at your work meeting about your lover chucking you isn’t acceptable behaviour for anyone. Does she have a bingo chart? Here’s a detour on gay men. “Surely having two men in a relationship makes it more manly.” Except studies prove you wrong. They aren’t in relationships, they’re man whores. Lack of ability to be monogamous isn’t effeminate. She talks about being free with emotions. I once read a great joke on tumblr;

“And be free from these horrible boxes.” What about freedom of choice? What if humans naturally gravitate toward greater wellbeing in those roles? Will you deny them? Does this include all value judgements? Freedom from success and failure altogether, the ultimate duality? Cos that’s Communism in a nutshell. “That’s a benefit to everybody” – who would’ve been a life failure and loser under any other regime.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.” ~ William John Henry Boetcker

4. Feminists think all men are rapists

– and never women. False accusations too? You missed those out, huh? I guess you just forgot. “Anybody of any gender can be a rapist, a woman can [bold mine] rape a man… anyone can be a rapist.” True in reality. Legally, only men because it requires penetration. Where’s the picketing to get that law revised? “The vast amount of rape is done by men” – reported. Reported by the usually female victim, processed in the system and taken seriously. You can’t claim a negative is true because the fact is self-report biased. If you count prison (if criminals are human), more men are raped. Truthburn!
“Feminists believe in the humanity of men.” You think men are human? Congratulations, you qualify as…. normal. Does victim blaming happen to men? Does it? You’re skewing this to be gynocentric. I know you won’t reply to this. It’d expose you as a fraud. Saying a man cannot help himself to sex is misandrist, men have free will. “We believe that men are just as intelligent and rational as women.” Science calls your bluff on that. The structure is undeniably different. Don’t think we didn’t notice the way you made it sound as if men were catching up to women, instead of the reality, vice versa. “Men should be held accountable for their actions the same as everyone else.” The same as women, you mean? Except women aren’t. Women have an easier time in the criminal justice system, laxer sentencing. Actually, most of the feminist rhetoric I have seen portrays men as default rapists (teach men not to rape) with no self-control, so they’re completely sexist, yes, I agree.

5. Feminists don’t have a sense of humour

“We just don’t particularly like jokes that make fun of (pause) oppressed groups and that bully them.” So it’s true. You seem to say a lot of things you believe in cognitive dissonance, without realizing that to an observer, you come across in a totally different, contradictory and ignorant way.
Do you make ‘jokes’ about MRAs? PUAs? Cis people? Straight people? White people? In multiple videos? That last: “They all kinda look like their souls have been sucked from them, two of the young women look dead because of poor editing… they appear sort of ethereal and grey [that’s racist] …. that’s the only reason you can have less charisma than the people in this video [bullying, not addressing their points ad hominem] … there isn’t a problem with Islam” [you’re a feminist, they’d have a problem with you] Multiple uses of “fantasy world.” You are not one to judge. “I cannot think of a single instance of racism against white people. … It’s like a weird victim complex going on.” Projection. “They don’t stand for anything really [contradicting self in X uses of racism card] I don’t actually think there’d be anything wrong with a world where there was a majority of people of colour” That’s genocide (UN), the definition includes race replacement and destruction of native culture (see: Native America). So officially, feminist Claudia Boleyn is in favour of genocide as long as it is of white people. On the video, she added a text bubble editing her own spoken, recorded words *a country in which. “It’s so poor it’s hilarious.” Classist. Need I add the term POC is offensive to white people? As if white people have no colour and aren’t people.

Explain why those aren’t bullying…? Again, who died and made you Pope? And hilariously, please do a video on your view of the European election results! Please do. For real. And another on neo-nazi hipsters. It’d be so funny. You’re like a village idiot: “I hate on people because hating on people is evil!” ~ subtext
“Satire points out how ludicrous the system is.” Yes. There are no limits on which system.
“There are a lot of feminist comedians.” And none of them are funny to normal non-feminist people (it’s a choice, not a default setting). Are you one of them? Please tell me all your stuff is a cerebral parody of social justice warrior princess.

all no none joke humour funny

6. Feminists have penis envy.

You do hate men (#2). Men are defined by humans that possess a penis and testes. If p | q.

You change the question. I noticed. Just because self-hating men called themselves feminist (see #2) doesn’t mean other non-penis feminists don’t hate men. You actually said words to that effect, the exemption. Only people without a penis can have penis envy, so changing the question to owners proves it correct. Womb envy is also a feminist theory, sure, miss it out. Sure, I guess you forgot. If womb envy occurs in Feminist Land, so must penis envy because p | q.
Rights are NOT positive claims.

7. Feminists want a matriarchy.

Do you want feminists in charge globally or not? If yes, that is a matriarchy and you want it.
“It would be a step up.” “We want…. there really isn’t anything wrong with that.” You want to take down a global system, which is anarchic, and you think there’s nothing wrong with it? There are no downsides to regime change or mass societal upheaval? No wars? No deaths? No rapes?

Many soldiers turned their guns against their commanding officers rather… than fight against the enemy. The retreat degenerated into chaos as soldiers looted shops and stores, raped peasant girls and murdered Jews. The collapse of the offensive dealt a fatal blow to the Provisional Government and the personal authority of its leaders. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed.source

“I have to admit, it would be quite fun.”

8. Feminists are a hivemind

How else can you speak for all of them? “When they make a generalization-” Like everything you say? “However we do all share the view-” Then you are. You have the same view. Entirely. “We are sort of a collective, in that sense.” The dissonance is strong in this one.

9. Feminists are like the Nazis.

You are a fascist group. You want complete power with no one else allowed a say. You want an upheaval of all society to conform to your views. You want to police language. You want to leave no cultures alone to mind their own business (or businesses) and rip away natural laws with government totalitarian power. Fascism can be left-wing e.g. Stalin. Nazi stands for National Socialism. Socialism is left wing. The socialist tendencies of the Nazis are the ones being referenced e.g. the suppression of dissenting opinion.

“The Nazis oppressed and hurt a lot of people from this group. They killed people from my community.” Factually inaccurate. People in ‘your community’ aren’t old enough, they wouldn’t be talking about it and they wouldn’t be in your community now if they are, in fact, killed [your grammar]. You are not related to them in the slightest. The genetic line is gone, because that’s what murder is. You’ve never even seen a real Nazi and you’re daydreaming about what they’d do to you. The real Nazis wouldn’t have hated you, they had brothels for queer women. You could’ve got paid. To quote this fantastic takedown response video and this illogical gleeful post of yours on tumblr:  “They’d have passed you around like an ashtray.”
“The Nazis were quite patriarchal.” I must’ve misunderstood that sentence because it sounded as if you were saying present society, being patriarchal, is in fact Nazi. …Then why are you here?

10. Feminists are currently plotting to overthrow national governments and instead create a matriarchy (blah blah)…

She uses sarcasm to avoid answering: “That’s not a misconception, that’s totally true. Yeah you got me there.”
See #7. You want that. You admitted it seriously earlier. Question: do you want to destroy the concept of nation states? The communist belief that national divisions and loyal, patriotic unity of an indigenous peoples within a nation is damaging? Seriously, do you want multi-nationalism or nation state erasure to go with your multi-culturalism? Would you like to see us all living under the yoke of the Empire of the Glorious European Union?
“I hope I’ve given you the strength to go out and crush the patriarchy.” Is your father part of it? Grandfather? Great? Great-great?
I would say boyfriend but…. well. Or are you an asexual too, to add to your special trait list? Fish, meet bicycle.
“Loads of love.” I can feel it.

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