There are two types of bitch

  1. Professional bitch – hustle at work, completely drop the act at home when they leave to recover.
  2. Personal bitch – always a bitch, especially in their personal life because there are no repercussions.

The first is a compliment. It is necessary to get anywhere at work, especially in a real sector like STEM. Rare.

The second is a mental problem. All sorts of conduct, antisocial and personality-type disorders. Common.

They are connected because a bitch of the first type can always detect a very well-concealed bitch of the second (the damage, we can smell the damage) however well they lie (especially the female sociopaths, can see them a mile off). I may write a list of traits on detection in the future but the notion of frenemies gets some of it down.
Stupid women want to be the first one for the externally perceived benefits without knowing there are two types, but can mistake the positive reasons of the first for acting like the second, until it ceases to be an act and the social/mental damage is irreparable. Terminal bitchiness becomes worse with time as age intensifies the negative traits with bitterness, they refuse to believe in the first type with sweet personal lives and accuse those women of being fakes (damage, wafting damage and cheap perfume) and have the reps for “drama”. It’s easy to pity them and befriend them – you cannot fix them. I tried, personal interventions don’t work. Love from a good man doesn’t work either, they get uncomfortable and cheat. They need a shrink, end of story.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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