Local councils in England target the poor and vulnerable


Among the 2.31 million people who stand to lose all or a substantial share of their council tax support are the disabled, carers, and war widows, The Independent reports. Council tax benefit used to provide nearly £5 billion (US$8.4 billion) to 5.9 million people.

With a cut of nearly half a billion pounds to local authorities from the central government, visits from bailiffs and home evictions are on the rise as debts mount up. Those unable to pay are facing court summons, as poverty is effectively becoming criminalized.

Figures from local UK authorities, released following a series of Freedom of Information requests, reveal that 409,000 disabled people and 112,000 carers have seen their council tax increase. Meanwhile, 3,600 war widows have also been hit.

Perhaps you could dig into all that foreign aid money? Or would we prefer to support the living of corrupt NGO people who have no ties to creating this country and don’t have a vote based on the distant possibility they’ll cry “Racism!“?

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