Wu Shen The Philosopher


If you are a man, at one point in your life you must have dreamt of freedom. 
Whether it is financial freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to choose your path, a place to live and other liberties.
Seeking freedom is an innate basic aspiration of human beings and can take many forms. Some dream of riding the waves or the fresh air of mountain tops to and escape routine office life. Some dream of a million dollars and a boat to sail away without a worry in the world. But what most fail to understand is that freedom comes with a price and the age old sentence “all men are born free” is perhaps true in principle, however this is far from reality. For we are born in captivity and akin to the gladiators of old we must fight to gain our freedom. 

Illusion of Freedom/Levels

After observation I came to the sam   e…

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