Taking on the Cathedral


The innocuous looking guy to the left has just been recently voted one of Britain’s greatest ever foes.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…. I want to ride my bicycle, wherever the fuck I like…

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The task facing him was not inconsiderable. How do you beat the worlds greatest superpower with nothing more than a few guns toted by eager youths, a lot of local good will and nothing much else? And yet that is what he did.

Michael Collins is arguably one of the greatest commanders in history. His greatness lays not in his ultimate achievement, rather, in the obstacles he had to overcome to attain it. Obstacles that would have overwhelmed nearly all other mortal men. It was the ultimate challenge; Man vs British Empire.

Collins won.


Michael Collins recognised that the way to take on the British Army was not to take it on directly (which would be suicidal) but to engage it on his terms. The way to fight it was unconventionally. Playing the traditional media’s game is to engage it conventionally. Thus, in my opinion, the manosphere should discount any advice about courting mainstream publicity and resist it as best as it can. The aim is to engage in cultural guerrilla warfare. The medium through which this warfare must be fought is the internet, a forum where the media has virtually no control on the subject matter.

Creative energy (libido) is a precious resource


It is common understanding that over-indulgence in drink and drugs lead to ruin but it is uncommon for people to understand that over-indulgence in sex can lead to the same thing. Let that sexual energy build up inside you. Don’t dissipate that energy haphazardly because that energy is sensed by other people and draws them into you like a magnet. Being highly sexed (i.e. having sexual energy) but not giving in to any and all desires is the key to success.

Jung understood this, his faults notwithstanding. Sex should rarely be an end to itself, as feminists decry, it may be used on a spiritual path to greater things.

If you look at Taoist religion, it perhaps explains female hypergamy. Women are considered to have a near-infinite supply of energy (with which to cock-hop, if we lack morals) and can even sap a strong man’s strength (see: countless mythologies).

On a purely physical level, we understand acting upon sexuality depletes us, energy is lost, but the modern Progressive Party line dismisses yet another facet of reality. Certainly, indulgence is a good thing, when tempered with control and moderation, typically masculine virtues.

The Camera

Angles and distance.
The same principles behind useful photography can be cross-applied to art. Basics of composition – to increase the information content of the scene. That last is commonly overlooked.
There was a good videogame I used to play called Beyond Good and Evil, the protagonist was bringing down a large body with the primary weapon of a digital camera. Learning some finer points of optics never hurt either.


The journal has already been mentioned. Intel is the primary activity of any active organization. One has to become accustomed to gathering intel everytime one leaves the house.

WNs interested in improvement are encouraged to buy a digital camera. It doesn’t need to be some fancy thing. This will be a special camera – you will be the only one who sees it’s pictures.

No photo developing at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or anywhere like that. The problem is that those computers store their orders. Employees will narc on you if they …

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