PC Fascism is about control


“Though this isn’t always the case, I suspect there’s something darker about most hedonistic imperators than the white light and fluffiness on the surface might initially communicate.

Within the next few decades, Pearce says, every cubic meter of the planet will be computationally accessible to surveillance, micromanagement, and control. On current trends, large nonhuman terrestrial vertebrates will be extinct outside our wildlife parks by mid-century. So the question arises: What principle(s) should govern our stewardship of the rest of the living world?

Skip past the semi-autistic language of a man who one day hopes to be a robot or whatever it is that transhumanists want. Now focus in on the most important word in the argument: control.We begin to hone in on the true philosophical underpinning of HI and essentially all philosophical arguments that think they can perfect creation.

It is, of course, neither coincidental nor trivial that HI pines for a “pan-species welfare state.”

Except anyone who raises animals successfully needs to knowing about culling and selective breeding.
Predatory animals evolved for good reasons, the r-types needed to be naturally culled or all resources would be destroyed.
I doubt the good times will last long enough and enough area be covered for total surveillance.

Reverse quoting;

This is one of the curious things about leftist egalitarianism: it tends to eat everything in its path. The second you start believing that all men must be re-created equal, under penalty of law, the road to reasonable accommodations for people who think they’re elves or those who prefer to see multiple personality disorder as a lifestyle choice isn’t too long. And so we live in a world where grown men (or at least Ronan Farrow) get paid beaucoup bucks to go on television and bemoan the lack of ethnic diversity in cartoon smileys used by teenage girls for whom typing out whole words is too much of a bother.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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