Nanny State turns its evil eye to alcoholics

Are you watching closely, America? This could be you.

It’s fair, they take up most A&Es on Friday and Saturday nights. Modern alcohol is too strong and too cheap.
First, they came for the smokers. Then, they came for the biscuits. Now, they come for the booze. The Nanny State will not stop.  The champagne socialists may object, but their precious EU would uphold it in the name of health. You see, when you have a socialist healthcare system with overburdened infrastructure, a selfish aging population and unending immigration leeches, it looks to cut corners, and people daring to enjoy themselves are first for the chop, because that’s unequal.

I welcome the move, because I can handle my drink very well, and it would turn most young people against the Left faster than banning nightclubs.

Prediction: likely STD treatment (especially precious antibiotics) for the promiscuous slags/manwhores next. Expect it to be shoe-horned in under ‘sex addiction’ enabling.

One response to “Nanny State turns its evil eye to alcoholics

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