The Jezebel raid by 4chan is tumblr’s fault

I have a position which allows me to connect the dots here.


The Social Justice Warrior princesses who decided to try and take on among the most hardcore perverts on the entire net just because they look at Johnlock erotic fanart featuring red pants found out what a real raid looks like. They tried to “raid” 4chan, a feat never accomplished, on the 4th July this year. #ShutDown4chan

Yes, I’m sure this horror prepares you for the likes of /b/

It didn’t end well because you cannot out-troll the troll masters.
Be ready to laugh – “How do I use a 4chan?”

Tumblrinas revealed a crucial, r-type weakness: ‘triggering’. Here’s a great video by Internet Aristocrat covering it

You do not step into a shark tank and begin cutting yourself. 

Now, that ‘triggering content’ could be blocked in text, it’s a feature of the site because these people hate everyone, including themselves, but images auto-load on tumblr!

The technique, posting goreporn, was honed on the popular tumblr tags, including SuperWhoLock for some reason, because 4chan has no taste, where it made the SJWP Tumblrinas fight back like the strong indep- avoid the website for days like the cowardly bunnies they are. ….Aaand go off and cry about it on Jezebel until the worst blew over.

I watch Tarantino, I thought it was a diehard Moriarty roleplayer at first.

This Jezebel thing is the aftermath – 

4chan followed them.

Ironically, 4chan users should migrate to tumblr too. It’s mostly porn and hipsters, some fandom. The SJWs are a strict minority and everyone hates them because they never stop complaining.

They’ll be back Nov. 14th

May I suggest they go for this complete prat? Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath, watch the fucking show. (They’re saying it’s a bluff to lure 4chan now but it probably isn’t, the Sherlockians are well known for being nutty and revel in being literally insane, they’re covering their arse). Although I agree Who is terrible now. If it was indeed a joke for the non-crazy Tumblr users (we exist), bravo spread the message, might follow. But you should know better than to mess with the chan, so I doubt it’s fake.

I hope this ‘battle’ keeps up because the comedy posts are top-quality

Tumblr actually fell for it.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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