The weakened signal

I liken it to a game of chicken among the sluts.
Who can fuck around for the longest and still land a supportive husband.


Paul Murray recently made a comment which fits with a theory of mine on how men and women decide when to get married:

PA is reading the situation at work completely wrong. I guarantee you that when one of the girls at PA’s work gets engaged, they all will.

First: women control relationships with betas, not the betas. If they are not married, it’s because they (the women) don’t want to be.

Second, they are herd creatures. These discussions about how the guys are not popping the question are actually discussion amongst themselves as to whether it’s time for them all to stop playing musical chairs and all sit down with the ones they have.

When the girls as a group decide that its wedding time, then all the various guys will be issued their ultimatums and most will fall into line. Until then, the guys will carry on in…

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