Can’t we all just get along?

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No. Different people are different and those differences are meaningful. Consider this: each person has a set of values. Some rank themselves as #1, hedonism, others lower down, under compassion and nurturing. A traditionally-minded woman (RoQ) is bound to have a set of values which would clash with the decidedly non-traditionally behaved men of the PUA scene, whatever their proclaimed desires for a time machine back to the 50s. Maybe the 1850s, in some cases. I do not see these differences in this case as a bad thing, because these groups would never be much attracted to one another anyway. We have differing aims. We are no plain Hivemind. Pat yourself on the back, you’re ahead of the majority.


However, a cautious dialogue would be wise. We agree on particular broadstrokes (feminism has been bad for everyone, political correctness is ruining support structures of society) and hashing out the details is best done across perspectives. Sure, Game might be used by a college-age male to bed a college slut for one night. It might also be used for a woman of that age group to filter out such men for dating. A guy may begin to lift seriously and know how to handle the attention that brings. A girl may dress and speak beautifully, and handle the attention that brings. If the information is true, use it. If it is untrue, state why and use that. Whether we agree on specifics doesn’t matter as much as our personal applications of the knowledge. And if you don’t apply it, why are you here? Men and women are different. I think this is good, a complementary yin and yang of influences. Why do we ignore this? Are either group about to set the other up as The Enemy, the ‘War on Women’ the feminists want, when we agree on so much? Are we both that arrogant?


Better writers than I have waxed lyrical, a whole musical’s worth of characters on subjects like High Time Preference and r/K selection theory. This data is useful in context. Data without context is like musical notes without the lines, you may get a rough idea of what’s going on without the baseline but when you try to play the piece for your own enjoyment it is going to sound awful. Men and women keep one another in line in society. If we cannot play nicely among ourselves, what help is there for the wider world? Future generations, mired in deeper propaganda?


I know the Enjoy the Decline mantra of apathy and hedonism is popular among disillusioned Gamers, Manospherians and PUA men. In certain aspects of life, it is our very own Carpe Diem. Alas, no mantra is intended to be the sole remedy to life’s maladies. It is a weapon. When a neoliberal social policy backfires, laugh, pour a drink and enjoy the decline. This handy phrase and meme makes it easier to accept events beyond our control and recognize our own in public. Nevertheless, the Buddhists had a point with the prospect of a Middle Path. The extremes of a lifestyle or active philosophy bring out the worst excesses in people. If you eat organic, homemade ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will be sick. The hedonic treadmill is a dominatrix, which may push mankind on, and spur us to greater heights or, as in the mice society experiments, demonstrate how nature is truly “red in tooth and claw”. To reference an idea from the Eastern philosophies popular in these parts, we must balance our chi, hard and soft. To neglect one is damaging, for both have their part to play.


Petty differences are made grievous wounds by petty people. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could outclass the lot of them? Every low-life naysayer of our combined knowledge? We need never agree on the particulars, in fact, I would prefer that diversity of intellectual rigour. Disagree, with reasons. If we are to make anything respectable of ourselves, whether you measure it in pounds pulled or lost, a high bar of decorum is in dire need. Build a better society. Be a better class of man and woman. Shame and disgust our mutual enemies indirectly when they look at themselves in the mirror and compare it to what we are. They already hate themselves, let’s show them why.


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    Every dungeon-delving party needs a wizard, warrior, priest, and thief. Perhaps every darkly enlightened neo-reactionary team needs a anarcho-capitalist, prepper, traditional religious conservative, and PUA. Perhaps this is the real human biodiversity.

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