Ebola-struck volunteer is flown in to Hampstead, London

— where almost all the liberals live.


sherlock bbc cracking up lol laughing so hard
Did he think it was like chickenpox?

Wait, there’s more;

A healthcare worker who is the first Briton confirmed to have tested positive for the Ebola virus was flown to London on Sunday for treatment after being evacuated from Sierra Leone on an RAF plane.

taxpayer money

The Department of Health said he was “not currently seriously unwell” in a statement issued shortly after the C-17 aircraft took off from Freetown for RAF Northolt in west London where it landed at 9pm.

they’re trying to downplay how contagious he is

The man was expected to be taken to the Royal Free hospital in Hampstead, London, which has an isolation unit where he can be treated.

a building full of people with compromised immune systems with a Class A infectious bioterror agent, positioned in one of the most densely populated and connected capital cities in the entire world, what could go wrong?

The man, who lives in Sierra Leone, had been volunteering at an Ebola clinic in the Kenema district in the east of the country.

he chose to be there, we should have left him

“We have robust, well-developed and well-tested NHS systems for managing unusual infectious diseases when they arise, supported by a wide range of experts,” he said.

Let’s hear from one –

Dr Paul Cosford, the director for health protection at Public Health England, said protective measures will be maintained to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus. “For Ebola to be transmitted from one person to another, contact with blood or other body fluids is needed and, as such, the risk to the general population remains very low,” he said.

Factually, that is bullshit. As the CDC recently admitted, being in the same room is sufficient. Some expert.

It ends

At Freetown airport passengers arriving and departing have to wash their hands twice, have their temperature taken and fill in a form.

Yes, I’m sure that will help.

2 responses to “Ebola-struck volunteer is flown in to Hampstead, London

  1. Thanks for taking up the hate torch, scholar. Lap up those liberal tears, especially if or when they catch ebola! God is a prankster, and an ebola outbreak in a liberal enclave is exactly his kind of prank.

    • I cannot hate people thus terminally stupid, all the evidence is there, but since they hate the likes of me, I severely pity and mock them. It’s too far from me to be a threat, I can quickly bug out elsewhere, their own pathological altruism is coming home!

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