Swedish feminists are trying to rebrand the hymen and lie about virginity


I went looking for this material because I came across a discussion including the term ‘corona’ and wondered how on Earth I could fail to know a part of female anatomy being both female and a studier of (real) anatomy.

Often known by the established term “hymen,” the vaginal corona is the subject of many myths and misunderstandings. The most important of these is the notion that a person’s vaginal opening is covered by a membrane that ruptures with, or is “broken” by, vaginal sex. This is incorrect. There is no such membrane.

It is literally right there.
You can touch it and break it.
Denying reality, as usual.

RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) wishes to dispel the myths and promote knowledge of the true facts. Our aim is to give you a more accurate idea of what you will find just inside the vaginal opening.

That sentence makes no logical sense. If it’s inside the opening it can’t be a closure membrane. And true facts? As opposed to which other type?

At first it reads as semi-legitimate talking about the natural variance from woman to woman but then it starts the long drive into crazy town.

Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane the sensation when you first stretch out the mucous tissue folds – whether you’re inserting a tampon, masturbating or having insertive sex – is a highly individual experience. Some people feel no pain at all, while others, with a thicker vaginal corona, have reported some pains. There may be minor ruptures in the mucous folds that hurt, and sometimes there may be a little bleeding.

I hope I don’t need to point out the many contradictions therein.

Can the vaginal corona “break” when you ride a bike or a horse?

No. Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane, physical exercise doesn’t break it. The vaginal corona is located 1–2 cm inside the vaginal opening – in other words, entirely within the vestibule. A whole bunch of things (vaginal discharges, hormonal changes, menses, masturbation, sex) can wear the corona away more over time, living your life among them, but that’s not about breaking anything.

Doctors the world over would disagree with you. Tampons and horse riding are the top reasons it can be partially stretched (as they admitted) or completely torn. Using pseudo-medical terms like rupture doesn’t change what physically occurs.

The various myths and the incorrect assumption that there is a covering membrane have given rise to expressions such as “breaking the hymen” and “deflowering.” These usually refer to a person having their vagina entered for the first time, either by themselves or by having sex with a partner. What’s actually there is the vaginal corona,

But you said at the top that the corona is just another name for the hymen, so breaking the hymen still happens, whether you call it a rupture or not, and it’s still “actually there”

consisting of elastic folds of mucous tissue, which can’t be ruptured or broken in one fell swoop by a penis or any other object inserted into the vagina.

Yes. Yes it can. Ask a straight man, that’s kinda what the penis is for, evolutionally, to gain access to the vagina.

When the mucous tissue is stretched, minor ruptures sometimes develop and may smart a little. These soon heal, usually within 24 hours. The folds of the vaginal corona are located 1–2 cm inside the vaginal opening, so penis length is irrelevant.

Penis length is irrelevant only if you are a lesbian.
Either these breakages “heal” or “wear away”, which is it? You can’t have both. One is up, the other down.
Anyone using the terms partner (instead of man/woman) and this, new, “corona” – feminist.

Virginity is a vague concept based on perceptions and myths, chiefly concerning female sexuality, that RFSU (or Scarleteen!) would not wish to endorse. For one thing, virginity is often associated with a heteronormative view of sex restricted to vaginal intercourse between man and woman (in other words, insertion of the penis into the vagina). For another, in many languages and cultures, virginity is synonymous with innocence, the opposite of which is guilt. There is no guilt involved in having sex, and no need to feel guilty about it. [DS: I could think of a few examples.] What’s more, such myths are used against women in particular [victimhood bells ring out]; for instance as an excuse for spreading rumors and committing sexual assaults.

We sometimes receive questions about how to know whether or not you are a “virgin.” You are the only person who can decide that. [not a gynaecologist?] Different people have different ideas about which sexual acts constitute a “loss of virginity.” Some people restrict it to vaginal intercourse [often correctly], while others count other activities as well. [those people are not hetero and will presumably never have sex with the opposite sex but the idea of being even technical virgins forever is too mentally scarring for them so they say ‘me too’!]

The worst part is the poor women who will believe this out of innocence.

Is it possible to see or feel whether a woman has ever had sex?

No. Looking at a penis or a vagina, it’s equally impossible to tell whether that person has ever had sex. Neither a gynecologist nor a sex partner can tell whether you’ve had vaginal, oral, anal or manual sex (unless you have become pregnant or contracted a sexually transmitted infection). No one else can detect whether you’ve had sex.

Actually you can contract STIs without having had sex, little known fact. Using infected towels on the privates or unclean speculums, for example. If a woman’s hymen is completely intact (as it has always been, that individual shape or thickness), it’s highly likely she is a virgin, although it may heal back to its former state at first, another little known fact. But hey, they said there’s no such thing as a membrane and why would they lie to us? It’s just a medically validated self-evident part of anatomy. Some women have very little there or it’s easily broken with other activities or over time (see above) so you can never be 100% certain and you really need to trust their word. You should be able to tell from the fact they have no idea what they’re doing.

Can the corona be stitched up?

Surgery on the vaginal corona rarely solves any problems, [reduces the number of honour killings] first because outcomes vary, and second because it helps to maintain patriarchal structures and a prejudiced view of women and their sexuality.

Seriously? Seriously.

Let’s see who these people are. The same Swedes with the ever-rising rape rates, which cultural beliefs brought this about?

RFSU’s mission since the organisation was founded in 1933 has been a desire to change people’s lives for the better. RFSU is a non-profit organisation independent of any political party or religion. We are dedicated to promoting a well-informed, open-minded attitude to sexuality and relationship issues. RFSU is founded on a firm belief that sexuality and relationships are central to the individual and to society. By informing and educating people and shaping opinion, RFSU aims to break down prejudices, overcome ignorance and improve sexual health in Sweden and abroad. RFSU views sexuality as a matter of individual liberty and human rights, in which all of us have the freedom to be ourselves, the freedom to choose and the freedom to enjoy.

To put this achingly simplistically, virginity is when you’ve never had sex. The first time you do, you cease to be one. That is final. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

I remain unconvinced and unimpressed. To me, a corona is still either a cheap beer or this

It means crown in Latin, they want to rebrand it because hymen doesn’t make them feel special enough.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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