Brainwashing has no need for critical thinking

Why do liberals love University and Muslims?

It sounds like a strange question at first, but think about it. There must be an ideological root in neoliberalism or progressivism.

I submit: Obedience.
The word “Islam” is never translated for discussion by English-speakers. Funny, that.
Islam = to submit.


Naturally, the liberals capable of a modicum of critique are very confused by this expectation of blind, ignorant, bigoted submission when they discuss their own pet cause, atheism.


I said ‘Excuse me, would you mind telling me why you are leaving?’ There was a long silence until one said, ‘You are offending us. We will not listen,’ and they left. Soon after that another bunch left, and then another.

These people are being given scholarships into the world’s best Universities. They should be banned from attendance, they are mentally incapable of doing the work. However, Education has long since ceased to be a place of reason.

…By the time I arrived at a slide calling religions (Richard’s fault!) ‘Viruses of the mind’, the lecture hall was looking rather empty.

You were lecturing to children. Neoatheism is itself, a cult. And an ugly one.
I saw feminists walk out of biology lectures on men and women. Same difference.
I once walked out of a lecture myself, where this piece of trash who couldn’t speak proper English began insulting men as the inferior sex (she was middle-aged and single), the country that took her in as evil and calling conservatives literally retarded. No one else batted an eyelid. It was on the exam.

This could be seen as a good thing: less truly intelligent people will go to University for brainwashing, the prospects are limited now degrees are plentiful. They will start businesses or go into a trade, something these people could never do. The Arab male equivalents of Paris Hilton will rot their minds, if they attend these politicized classes at all.

I called out to some as they left, ‘Can’t you even listen to ideas you disagree with? In Oxford, of all places, you should be open-minded enough to hear alternative views’. But no. They said I needed an open mind. This really got to me, raising painful memories of my early research on psychics and clairvoyants who said, ‘You just don’t have an open mind,’ when my careful experiments showed no psychic powers.

Who distorted the meaning of the term ‘open mind’ as a thought-terminating cliché? The psychics you blame? Wasn’t the right wing was it? Hoisted on her own petard.

I’ve noted a trend in education. Anything vaguely controversial has trigger warnings. Anything important but with controversial social policy implications is censored, run through edits before the lecture and there is literally a supervisor from a related department sitting in on the lecture doing damage control in case anyone clutches their pearls and threatens to sue. I have seen it with my own eyes. Ask if someone is sitting in.

Outside, some young Muslims were waiting for me. I was angrily told that I’d made them feel ignorant.

It’s gone. Centuries of great knowledge, gone. I hate to say it, but it began by allowing liberal women to go to these Universities, who promptly got everything they wanted. Prior to that, the liberal effete men were shouted down and standards remained. In future, we may divide education by political allegiance – until the conservative ones perform better. To make them “safe spaces”. You can tell these troublemakers were chronic whiners. They wouldn’t last five minutes off Daddy’s money, bring on the collapse and peak oil! She retreats in the foetal position of liberal white guilt.

I staggered up the High Street confused and upset – both at what had happened and at what I had said, and not said. What should I have done? They are ignorant aren’t they? Isn’t that why they’ve come to this city of learning, even if not Oxford University itself – to learn? Was I a coward to apologise? Were my attempts to be reasonable the best way of engaging them or just plain cowardice?

There is one solution: Let them leave – and never let them back. Disengage entirely.
She should’ve ignored them outside the lecture hall. Blanked completely. If they didn’t want to speak to her in the lecture about the topic, they gave up their chance.
Take a Game lesson. Someone deliberately causes drama? Show them the door, invite them to leave, call the bluff. Make it known there are no take-backsies. Lock it behind them.

She closes by unknowingly reflecting on the ruinous effect a liberal education has had on the young.

Walking miserably up the High Street I felt profoundly depressed at the state of the world. I could cheer myself with the thought that I’d learned something. I learned that Islam has yet another nasty meme-trick to offer – when you are offended put your hands over your ears and run away. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. These bright, but ignorant, young people must be among the more enlightened of their contemporaries since their parents have been able and willing to send them on this course to learn something new. If even they cannot face dissent, or think for themselves, what hope is there for the rest? And what can I do?

Correction: the meme is kill what displeases you. Islam is spread at swordpoint. Those people are not bright, they are exactly what Universities across the West encourage students to be, mindless followers of rhetoric. Parrots of their teachers. Money =/= smarts. It’s the Middle Class myth.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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