Practical Deconstructions

Highly logical. I do something similar. If _a_, then _c_ because _b_. Assuming each link in the chain is correct, it cannot be refuted.

The point of the guide is to provide an onslaught of material efficiently packaged. Each one of these modules can be expanded out into multiple essays—books, even, but they’re sufficient for brutal effectiveness. Apply liberally. Some of them are more serious than others. Some are just plain ridiculous—don’t begrudge me my fun….

In other words, you can’t deconstruct on a ‘perfectly accurate level’ if they can’t comprehend what it is you’re deconstructing because they don’t fully comprehend their own ideology.

I’d compare it to a verbal sparring of ideological entrapment.
You win when you can say “Aha!”

Examples, my favourites;

-Seek admission: Marriage has always been heterosexual Point out: Homosexuals trying to participate in the institution of marriage Conclusion: This is cultural appropriation, and it is problematic.

-Seem admission: Genetics determines height, eye color, predisposition to diseases, and predisposition to mental illnesses (gosh, this might be a lot to ask for) Point out: Why think genetics is only implicated below the shoulders? Conclusion: Genetics determines intelligence.

-Seek admission: Animals can be bred for different attributes. That’s how we have different dog breeds, for example Point out: Humans are animals Conclusion: Humans can be bred for different attributes.

-Seek admission: Sexuality, like homosexuality, is inborn, and so it’s okay Point out: Pedophilia is sexuality Conclusion: Pedophilia is inborn, and so it’s okay.

-Seek admission: High suicide rate among homosexuals Point out: Other groups with far worse persecution and societal receipt of hatred don’t have high suicide rates Conclusion: Homosexuals really are weak and mentally fragile.

-Seek admission: Gender is totally fluid Point out: You cannot go from homosexual to heterosexual Conclusion: Either gender is not fluid, or you can go from homosexual to heterosexual.

-Seek admission: Gentrification is really bad because it disrupts culture Point out: Third world immigration disrupts culture Conclusion: Third world immigration is really bad.

-Seek admission: Gays are a persecuted minority with little power Point out: Gays are one of the highest income demographics on the planet Conclusion: Someone is fucking lying.

-Seek admission: Feminism as we know it arose out of western culture Point out: Immigration will gradually eliminate western culture Conclusion: Immigration will gradually eliminate feminism.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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