Liberals choose girlier names for their boys

No wonder they’re confused about their sexuality and sex.

Quick, make a guess: Are Liam’s parents Obama voters, or did they pull for John McCain? How about Kurt’s mom and dad?

If your gut suggested that Kurt’s parents might swing conservative while Liam’s are liberal, congratulations. A new study of baby names does, indeed, show that parents in liberal neighborhoods are more likely to choose softer, more feminine sounds, such as “L,” for their babies’ names, while conservative parents go for macho-sounding K’s, B’s and D’s.

The same research finds that liberal, well-educated parents are more likely to pick obscure names for their children, while conservative, well-educated parents take a more conventional naming path. Both methods seem to be a way of signaling status, said study researcher Eric Oliver, a political scientist at the University of Chicago–though it’s unlikely parents realize what they’re doing.

Reminds me of

2 responses to “Liberals choose girlier names for their boys

  1. You may have a point, and I tend to agree …

    However many traditional English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh names sound a little “girly” to the American ear — just because they are not as common.

    I mean — back in the WWI & WWII days when “men-were-men” some dudes were named “Eveyln”.

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