When A Hot Woman Slips The Cold Shiv

Ignore us.
IGNORE US. That’s it. Even if we approach you with a knife, start cooking with it. Hum the theme tune to Mario or something. Think kid in a tantrum at Walmart.

7 responses to “When A Hot Woman Slips The Cold Shiv

  1. That’s not how I’d handle my children’s tantrum while we’re shopping, though, admittedly, my children never throw tantrums while we’re in public, so I’ve yet to be tested for that hypothetical question. Is that how you handle your children?

      • Alright, fine. I’ll engage fully.

        You already failed the first test: the child believed it could sway you with a tantrum. Then, rather than facing a child and assessing the situation and the needs of the child and setting limits, you chose to disregard the child’s emotional outburst and irrationally insisted that the child engage with you sans any emotional content. Further, you equate extended blood relations with a parent-child relationship, which completely ignores the whole point behind marriage and family. There is so much wrong with the “cry it out” approach that it would take me many pages to explain all the errors. I’ll settle for this: it would be better to back-hand a child on the face than to ignore an emotionally wrought child completely. At least physical violence indicates interest. Ignoring any person communicates the opposite of love: indifference.

        Would you rather I ignored you?

      • If a child is throwing a tantrum it is expected they know the social roles, and they know they are being unreasonable and why. It isn’t walking off and leaving them alone, watching them with folded arms works quite well. I think this is a cultural difference, in Britain the children still retain a sense of shame. They even look down on the Tube if they accidentally meet your eye.

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