Zoe Quinn, 4chan user, “finds” 4chan chatlogs saying she was set up

Did the entirety of 4chan, an anonymous website, where she has posted about herself, also sleep with her married boss for positive promotion of her subpar ‘work’?

But this isn’t about her. Primer: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2014/09/09/GamerGate-Why-Gaming-Journalists-Keep-Dragging-Zoe-Quinns-Sex-Life-into-the-Spotlight
She’s trying to get attention back on her again for $$$$$ because the matter of journalistic ethics and integrity is coming to light.

See the number of official mainstream news sites beginning to cover this story finally? About 2 weeks after the incestuous corruption in the gaming industry broke? Recent, aren’t they? Past 48 hours has been the boost, to be precise. After pseud ZQ blamed 4chan.

For example: Wired, 10th Sept, Telegraph, 10th Sept.

Neatly, she now complains all dissent is 4chan. The website she has visited herself and posted on for an evening. #NotYourShield people? You aren’t real.

It’s odd how she just happened to be there at the exact same time, every time, in REAL TIME, to capture these screencaps. Does she sleep? Does she have other people ‘working’ on this? Could she have put half the same effort into her actual work? She also doesn’t know the meaning of a “raid”, and has the same inaccurate understanding as the writer of these 4chan caps. Pure coincidence?

I suppose the discrepancies between what she screencapped as “from 4chan” and the actual logs, http://archive.today/Ler4O matter not a whit, hm? Cos who can edit pictures on the internet? That’s silly talk. Point by point explanation of wrongness? http://i.imgur.com/g385IJM.jpg I live to serve.

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