Cosmopolitan: Is your bra racist?

In full;

If you are wearing a nude bra, you are supporting racism, say editors at the University of Oklahoma newspaper. The colour “nude”, they argue, is not a reflection of what everyone looks like nude, which makes the term an example of microaggression toward darker-skinned women.

By the same logic, most concealers and Band-Aids are also subtle forms of racism, argue the editors. The point of their argument is to “encourage all of our readers to think critically about the small instances of racial bias they encounter each and every day.”

Yes. My bras are racist because I do not have an orange tan, no one has, and there are no paler shades. Pure as the driven snow white does not count, as I have a pulse. Does a lipstick labelled ‘orgasm’ discriminate against women who cannot? Then again, is a red bra a ‘microaggression’ to those with rosacea? Is a white woman wearing a black bra appropriating black culture? Dark chocolate? What about corsets? If a black woman wears a white corset, is she racist? Appropriating European culture?

Seriously, these people are trolls.


3 responses to “Cosmopolitan: Is your bra racist?

  1. My girlfriend is an Asian girl who likes to wear black corsets. I’m white. I’m not sure what this all means but I’m feeling very insecure.

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