Video: Feminist Claudia Boleyn discusses her experience of mental illness

I’m not making fun of this. If you’re looking for snark, this is not one of those posts. This is sincere.

You might wonder, why post this then?

It’s quite simple really. If you’re patient, this is an uncannily honest portrayal of comorbid mental disorder. This is the neurotic, intense tone and level of disclosure that ordinarily only a psychiatrist would hear and I find it worthwhile insight for this reason. If you need a practical application, I’ve noticed similar patterns of poor mental health among SJWs and the harder left. She makes a few mistakes, including the classic Generalization to the entire disorder or its theory, but I’ll overlook it.

n.b. I would appreciate it if no one sent her hatemail or the like from my linking of this, it’s a rare type of learning experience (whether you like her or dislike her as a person) and should be encouraged.

4 responses to “Video: Feminist Claudia Boleyn discusses her experience of mental illness

  1. The comment regarding firearms is revealing. If an advocate for gun control personally recognizes she shouldn’t possess a firearm, then isn’t her opinion regarding my possession of firearms clouded by her personal condition?

    Perhaps it’s time to coin the term “disableism” to describe this skewed world view that requires we all child-proof every part of our lives for the benefit of people who cannot function as independent adults, as Boleyn admits she can’t.

    • I know what you mean, hearing such frank disclosures can be revealing for political motive. The psychological effect of priming and further, desensitisation, is real. Here we refer to those measures as the Nanny State because they aren’t treated like adults with agency.

  2. I find that most of the SJW’s if not all, use mental illness as a way to gain oppression points against each other, rather than actually having mental health problems. Who are able to afford psychiatrists who will lead them on with diagnoses of everything, to get money out of them and their parents. Especially when you have adults who are being treated like children still, they are being coddled so much, they use this to their advantage.

    Sorry if that sounds rude.

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