The Guardian: Expect British Ebola cases, it’s like, no big deal

I was paraphrasing of course, but I wouldn’t say the airport checks are a waste of time, though.
Travellers, beware. I’d take a face mask per flight, since it does transmit via the air [CDC buried footnote].

Look at the conflicting messages;

The first Ebola cases will soon emerge in the UK according to the government’s chief medical officer, who said the country should expect “a handful” of people to fall ill with the disease in coming months.

Dame Sally Davies issued her warning on Saturday following a national exercise to test Britain’s readiness for an Ebola outbreak amid growing criticism that government priorities for dealing with the threat are seriously misplaced.

…Despite the predicted spread, Dr David Nabarro, the UN’s senior system coordinator for Ebola, told the BBC’s Up All Night on Sunday morning that he believed the disease would be “under control” in three months.

Headless chickens.

Professor David Mabey, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said screening would be futile. “There won’t be anyone coming from these [west African] countries because all direct flights have been cancelled,” he said. “Are they going to screen everyone from Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam? That would lead to a lot of delays and disruption.”

This point was supported by virologist Dr Ben Neuman of Reading University, who said there was no “strong scientific case that airport screening will help keep Ebola out of the UK”. Professor Tom Solomon, Liverpool University’s head of infection and global health, said evidence “suggests such measures won’t make a large difference”.

It’s an immigration check, of course they disapprove.
And the solution? More money to Africa, a solution which has never ever worked for anything wrong there, ever.

The rest is foreign aid BS since their budgets will be cut soon and they sense the chop, but watch, the most liberal lefty readers of all are waking up;

How can we help? This outbreak will eventually be contained, partially using Western money and expertise, but another will follow. How can we alter the cultural (tribal) practises of the communities in Africa that originally transfer the virus from fruit bats by eating them, and then spread it due to their complete lack of education, their incredibly primitive spiritual beliefs and mistrust of modern medicine?

Corpses of Ebola victims are washed. Then custom dictates the living relatives wash in the same water. We can’t change this without the kind of social engineering and cultural imperialism that would be heavily condemned by everyone here.

There is nothing that can be done to eradicate Ebola without the willing participation of those that have spread the virus originally. It will be down to ‘big pharma’ to develop and produce vaccines, and up to us to pay for it in order that millions of Africans will receive it. The cheapest and safest option for a selfish nation would be to close the borders to African nationals, but that didn’t happen when AIDS spread to Europe, and it won’t happen now.

Were you impressed? Because I was.

And the likes of;

Looks like Bilderberg population control target may be overachieved this year.

I think it is to be seen to do something, re-assuring the public, but I agree with the experts that such measures are futile.
Maybe the screening plan is not 100% perfect, but even so, better than nothing. If it cuts down the numbers of infected people it cuts down the odds of infection for many.

What we “expect” and what we get has a good chance of being miles apart.
Do I believe what the government’s chief medical officer tells us?


Who wants to tell them AIDS kills more people every day?


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