Why is Gamergate succeeding in taking down the pretentious SJWs where others have failed?

Serious question.

The longer you contemplate, the stranger it appears.

I had a brainwave about it. It was a productive brainwave.

What defines the Social Justice Warrior Princesses and their downtrodden White Knights?

Narcissism. A psychological void which arguably makes its holder inferior to the healthy. They are full of angst (perpetual self-hatred machines), they rage against imagined foes (paranoia directed outward) and their inability to deal with the world as it is makes them a force for Thanatos, the destructive impulse. They do not build themselves up, Libidinal, because they cannot. They are chronic children, incapable of adult recovery from the shocks and obstacles of life. They flake and flip-flop because they have no true core self. They seek to make the world angry and make the world feel the pain they are constantly barraged with. The actions – of a troll.

These sorry creatures cannot get anywhere materially unless by permission. Political campaigning and niche activisms seek said permission from those with power, to give it away. For the feels.

What defines the serious, hardcore gamer of internet lore?

...Narcissism. They need to be someone else, someone fictional, to feel like a complete person, because there is a void. The troll section really made it click and they work for the lolz. Their enemies are RPG figments instead of a conservative on Twitter. However, unlike the SJWs, gamers have more than no life filled with rallies and talks and other ‘social justice’ engagements. They have a fictional life. Its goal is simple: WIN, at all costs. They will not stop. They are the Terminators of the internet. This is why no one can beat 4chan.

In short, the feminists are losing because they have taken on their own counterpart, another component of the narcissistic demographic (including many of their fellow Millennials). It wasn’t any specific technique of Gamergate which conferred victory, although I’m sure those helped, it was fighting a campfire with dragonfire.


5 responses to “Why is Gamergate succeeding in taking down the pretentious SJWs where others have failed?

  1. i disagree. they are succeeding because of cash. money talks, bullshit walks. gamers spend millions of dollars on games while feminists & journalists don’t spend any money on games. at the end of the day successful businesses know who their loyal customers are. it’s the people who spend money not the SJW losers on twitter & tumblr.

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  4. Top post!

    We saw the feminine side of narcissism attack the masculine side. GGs won because male narcissists CANNOT STAND to lose in even the smallest manner.

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