German unrest from Muslim immigration and calls for Caliphate

A march in Frankfurt last weekend left no doubt as to the concerns of the protestors despite only involving around 50 people, according to a report in German newspaper Die Welt.

“We will return the Salafists (jihadis) to where they belong” cry the organisers.

For several months now, the authorities in Germany have seen more and more groups spring up, particularly in urban areas. The ‘common enemy’ as they call extreme Islam, has united previously hostile gangs; at a demonstration in Mannheim at the end of September, members of groups from Frankfurt and Stuttgart joined in the protest. The goal of ‘eradicating jihadis’ is uniting these groups, where hooliganism had seen a decline.

“These groups use the currently very popular anti-Islamic ticket to perpetuate their cynical world view” says Robert Fanforscher Claus from the University of Hanover. And social media and the internet are providing these groups with opportunities to spread their message which was previously denied to them.

Considering IS and Caliphate and Sharia Law are foreign, legal interlopers to European democracy, aren’t they protesting against treason?

You know, this doesn’t surprise me, I’ve been hearing about this for years.

One response to “German unrest from Muslim immigration and calls for Caliphate

  1. “Marches have been taking place in major German towns and cities, leading police to fear a return to right wing hooliganism.”

    The number one priority of the German vassal state authorities is still the eradication of the traditional and historic German people and its replacement by random Third Worlders. Things were better during the Cold War when ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union were proudly repatriated to the Federal Republic.

    Paul Gottfried wisely told us that the left won the Cold War.

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