Physical response to fat varies by sex

obvious study is obvious


Researchers have found that male and female brains respond in remarkably different ways to high-fat meals. Those differences in the brain lead to greater inflammation and increased health risks in males that indulge on fatty foods in comparison to females, a new study in mice shows. The findings may help to explain observed differences in obesity outcomes between women and men and suggest that dietary advice should be made more sex-specific.

Pregnancy. A woman needs to deposit vitamins and minerals in her fat reserves (higher body-fat % than men) for a successful pregnancy.

Aside: Paleo guys, you’ve got it right. Your diet is low poly-fat because men are better hunters and women are grazers (e.g. high fat nuts and dairy).  We evolved accordingly.


3 responses to “Physical response to fat varies by sex

  1. Then we have the ethnic variability. Think of how much more inflammation and how much more water retention you see in, for example, Slavic or Southern Hispanic populations (aka: those who have lived off low-carb, low calorie diets for most of their existence) who abuse carbs? Compared to Mediterranean or Sub-Saharan populations, it’s like the Slavs and Hispanics can get puffed up and heavy overnight if they eat enough starch. Therefore, logic dictates that populations who respond so adversely to a diet rich in carbohydrate would do better to consume a higher amount of fat, making them healthier when they have access to it. Though, nobody is about to tell the Brazillians to let cola go, or the Russians to swap potatoes for beets and carrots.

      • I always assumed that was something to do with the 5-10% non-Black DNA in AAs. Now you mention it, it does show in abundance in some other races too. Weird, but interesting.

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