Renaming autism in the name of scientific fraud

“But get this quote that the authors of the law review article got from David Bowman, a spokesman for the Health Resources and Services Administration:
The court “has not compensated any cases based upon autism alone in the absence of sudden serious brain illness after vaccination,” he wrote in an email.”

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That’s like saying we have ice but it isn’t water.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Our whole argument is that serious brain illness – encephalopathy, about which vaccine manufacturers warn in their official product labels – leads to the behavioral syndrome called “autism.” So how is compensating autism following “sudden serious brain illness after vaccination” supposed to be a complete defense? It’s actually a signed and dated confession.

I have mentioned this before here.

For how that process could work, see here for a heavily-biological explanation. Pour yourself a drink, it’s detailed.

So, to summarize:

“Isolated” autism is not isolated – in any sense of the term, since about 1 in 68 kids in this country have it.  Thanks to William Thompson, we know on-time vaccination is a big risk.

“Idiopathic” autism (cause unknown) is not idiopathic. It doesn’t seem to show up in less vaccinated groups.

Autistic-like features following vaccination in a child with a mitochondrial anomaly does indeed add up to vaccine-induced autism.

Brain damage from vaccination that leads to autism is, in fact, vaccine-induced autism.

When are some of the smarter and more independent members of Congress, the medical profession and the mainstream media going to get with it here? Now would be good.

It’s becoming as ridiculous as man-made global warming at this point.
If you don’t know it’s fake, you don’t understand the science.
All the fake claims at this point (“herd immunity” with 99.99999999999999%, no such thing as vaccine failure, live vaccinated contagion denied) are amounting to one of the biggest frauds in history.

Also of interest —

The greatest danger to American citizens is, in fact, not the Ebola virus, but government reactions to the Ebola virus. Already, several medical outfits around the world are suddenly interested in producing an Ebola vaccination when no one seemed very interested before. This might sound like good news, until you learn the terrible history of modern vaccinations.

Pharmaceutical company Merck was caught red handed faking vaccine efficacy data. Merck’s Gardisil was found to contain DNA fragments of human papillomavirus.

GlaxoSmithKline, a major vaccine producer, has been caught repeatedly attempting to bribe doctors and health professionals into promoting their products or outright lying about their effectiveness. Glaxo was caught producing rotavirus vaccinations tainted with a swine virus in 2010. Glaxo has been caught producing vaccines tainted with bacteria and endotoxins.

It is important to point out that Glaxo is also spearheading an Ebola vaccine initiative.

From that prior link, here’s the hippy BS they defend it with, even though it’s been debunked.

Herd Immunity: Biss says that mass vaccination can be far more effective than individual vaccination through the principle of herd immunity. “The boundaries between our bodies begin to dissolve here… those of us who draw on collective immunity owe our health to our neighbors.” We have resistance to the idea of herd immunity as we don’t want to be compared to cows, but if we thought about our cooperation as more along the lines of hive immunity, or the wisdom of honeybees, perhaps we’d be more interested in community, as opposed to the lone wolf American individual, a loaded metaphor these days.

I can’t begin to explain how wrong that is on a legal or moral level.

Thoroughly debunked folk theory. (Hence the decimal point joke above).

When measles failed to be eradicated, public health experts decided that a 70% or 75% vaccination rate would secure herd immunity. When that proved wrong, the magic number rose to 80%, 83%, 85%, and then it became 90%, according to a 2001 Health Services Research report. Later health experts commonly cited 95%.

But that too was insufficient — measles outbreaks occur even when the vaccinated population exceeds 95%, leading some to say a 98% or 99% vaccination rate is needed to protect the remaining 1% or 2% of the herd. But even that may fall short, since outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated populations.

Huh, so, disease still happens when you vaccinate everyone…. what’s the point of vaccinating, again?

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