8 ‘worst’ outcomes of #Gamergate, by a White Knight


8. Sarkeesian quits.
She doesn’t have a real job, but okay? I should care because she has tits like me, is that it?

7. Those who sent the death threats are arrested.
Good. It’s probable certain threats were self-sent by the professional victims. Throw away the fucking key.

6. Gaming websites cease to function.
You mean the ones that insist gamers are evil and dead as a demo? Hip hip hooray!

5. Zoe Quinn leaves the industry.
She isn’t really in the industry, most of her ‘code’ was outsourced. Pathetic example, we need to clean house.

4. Reviews as we know them get abolished.
Calling a game racist/sexist/bigoted isn’t a review. It’s a political conversion rant to feminism. No one who buys the game cares.

3. Gamergate gives up.
Have you been paying attention? He says no one can understand how it happened at this point. No, boy, that’s just you.
The MSM have given up covering it, what does that say?

2. Someone actually gets killed.
Do you believe Jezebel too? Media violence doesn’t increase real violence, you illiterate fool.
Read up on the science. Or start burning books, CDs, DVDs and all other forms of media too.

1. A stalemate where nobody wins.
You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Cannot conceive of losing, even when it’s been happening for months.

Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

2 responses to “8 ‘worst’ outcomes of #Gamergate, by a White Knight

  1. so he doesn’t want the people who sent the death threats to be arrested but he would be sad if trollkeesian quits? he’s not a gamer if he doesn’t realize that there are plenty of gamer websites that are not infected with SJWs

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