The Mental Incoherence of Multiculturalism

Isn’t losing objective standards unscientific?

Henry Dampier

Homer statue Statue of a dead white male

Multiculturalism has many friends and a few passionate critics. In this post, I’m not going to criticize the conspiratorial Frankfurt School or similar high-level machinations intended to undermine European culture.

The main practice that I’m going to critique is that of attempting to gain exposure to many minor or superfluous works in many different foreign cultures as a substitute for learning deeply about one’s own culture.

It may be bad art, but at least it’s politically correct

The most absurd example of this is the genre of “world music,” which was especially popular during the 1990s as a way to show yourself as a tolerant, upwardly mobile person. You can still see this sort of approach to culture in the home decoration choices of upper middle class people in more liberal American suburbs and cities. You’ll see modern paintings and African fetishes. If…

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