Article: SJW poison = “I don’t care”

I. Don’t. Care.

These three magic words could end so many arguments.

Most appeals in the name of “social justice” rely on an underlying assumption of universal altruism. They assume that you care if something bad happens to anyone, anywhere, and advise you to take some sort of action to ease or prevent their suffering.

People react by questioning whether or not that stranger, somewhere, is really suffering, or if they are suffering any more than anyone else. They examine the circumstances of the alleged suffering and the motives of the people bringing the alleged suffering to light.

They argue about the details and the proportion of the suffering and point out their own allegedly comparable suffering, or the suffering of some person or people who are allegedly suffering more.

Once you’re arguing, they’ve already got you. …………..

This is a great point.
You can easily shut them down by pointing out how neurotic and controlling they are, everything in “their space” needs to be correct as they define it at all times. Hence the term feminazi. It’s a very fascist trait.

I don’t care what happens to everyone, everywhere.

I don’t care what happens to strangers.

It’s an admission that sounds barbaric and unspeakably taboo.

I’ve made incredible social use of it for a taboo.
I’ve seen SJWs turn purple. It’s like repeating a Harry Potter spell. Whatever they say, “I don’t care.” They crave the attention they felt they lacked as children and if you deny it, narcissistic rage ensues. A great finishing move, even as a woman, is “I’m not your father. I’m not legally obligated to listen to your complaining.”

It can be mildly useful to point out that, for someone who claims to care so much for other’s feelings, they resort to ad hominem attacks for their opponents. For the oppressed, they sure do instigate a lot. They make plenty of divisions according to who is ‘worthy’, for equalists.


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