Video: Harvard students try Louisiana’s 1964 Literacy Test

Predictably dumb. You aren’t supposed to collude. It’s a campaign to raise awareness about evil voter ID law, because having legal citizens vote once is just as bad as forbidding the low information ones. This just makes Harvard look bad.

There needs to be a parody of this. It’s begging for a parody.

I can sit here smug as a practitioner of mirror writing. I did all those in this article  or for the non-news source, this PDF and it was easy.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why did the students omit answers when the paper clearly explains it’s 100% pass/fail?
    One didn’t read that sentence, she is illiterate.
  • Why did the coddled Millennials throw a tantrum and refuse to do the test when it got a little bit difficult?
  • Why didn’t they re-read the question, which clarifies the instruction?
  • Why couldn’t they do it alone? In silence?
  • Why don’t they understand basic instructions, which is essentially the entire test?
  • Don’t they know what a line is?
  • Is there an answer sheet shown here by the totally biased ‘experimenter’? [No.]
  • If there is no answer sheet available, it’s unpassable and rigged, not a test. But there is an answer sheet, people did pass it, it isn’t rigged. It’s a matter of understanding instructions as well as carrying them out. They were cheating by asking for clarification.
  • Don’t they know the format is logical? It’s mathematical in prose, the geometry is the best example of this. It’s similar to IQ tests. It’s completely logical and acultural.
  • Notice how they tried first, expecting it was easy, then to cover for their inability, they blamed the test? It’s impossible they could ever be wrong or stupid.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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