Hidden news: UN tetanus vaccines to Kenyan women contain abortive chemicals

With no tests or samples, we cannot know. But it’s interesting the MSM hasn’t picked this up, even if to disprove it.


Less than a year after the United Nations unveiled a sweeping population-control plot aimed at reducing the number of people in Kenya, a supposed UN “vaccine program” is under fire by doctors and Catholic bishops for deliberately sterilizing millions of women. The explosive revelations were released after medical researchers and the Catholic Church found a sterilization agent in tetanus inoculations being foisted on Kenyan women by two UN agencies in cooperation with the national government. Incredibly, it is not the first time that international vaccine campaigns by the UN targeting Third World populations have been exposed as covert sterilization and eugenics programs. Some critics have even referred to the latest plot as race-based genocide.

…According to the organization and other medical experts, the hCG found in the UN tetanus vaccines causes women’s bodies to develop an immune response to attack the hormone, which is essential to pregnancy. So, when a woman who has received the UN shots gets pregnant, her body fights the crucial hCG — resulting in the death of the unborn child in the womb. Eventually, the supposed inoculations — pushed on Kenyan women by the UN under the guise of “preventing neo-natal tetanus” — result in permanent sterility after multiple doses. All six UN vaccine samples collected from around Kenya tested positive for the hCG antigen at independent laboratories, researchers said….

This is the common route for vaccine ‘success’. It subverts your immune system. Ever wonder why the number of auto-immune disorders has rocketed recently?

We do have confirmation they forced sterilizations on Indian women, this has precedent.
Perhaps chemically sterile > surgical now. Harder to prove, and the different labels are dodgy.


Tetanus vaccination resembling the protocol being applied in this WHO/UNICEF campaign has previously been given in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines. The vaccine given in these countries was a fertility regulating vaccine composed of tetanus toxoid as a carrier for the beta subunit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Subsequent research amongst those girls and women immunized has been shown to have made them permanently infertile.

As for their plan to reduce the African population, I will only post: http://www.un.org/esa/population/publications/longrange2/WorldPop2300final.pdf and direct you to page 28. See all those minuses? p96;

Similarly, the substantial fertility declines still to
come, especially in Africa, should help, eventu-
ally, to tame the rapid growth that still continues
in such areas of the less developed regions. The
projections are not meant to say that, if everyone
sits back and relaxes, such fertility decline will
happen on its own. Rather, the projections count
on continuing effort similar to that in the historical
record for other countries. While there is a need to
assess whether and how societies can live with the
consequences of projected population trends, there
is also a need to assess how societies can ensure
that the more sanguine aspects of these projections
actually come to pass.
Here, different assumptions have been
made for different parameters, eliminating country
differences in migration by 2050, allowing fertility
to converge along distinctive paths until complete
equality in 2175
Immigration open borders, non-beige people are dead.

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