The hidden utility of tactical stupidity in women

just a girl

I’d be lying if I said I’d never played dumb to avoid doing something.

Whether you want to pass this off as a minor symptom of mental illness, consider for a moment: could there be a female equivalent of playing dumb and acting incompetent with the washing machine?
n.b. We know men do that, we just cannot prove it.

3 responses to “The hidden utility of tactical stupidity in women

  1. Candid admission: we do. Women are social, vocal animals. As such, we can speak more than we think, especially when in a “gaggle”, when hormonal or when half-listening. So we may say something we believe, but that isn’t appropriate for the social circle. We then retract it as a joke, act like we meant it differently or accuse someone else of starting it. Or we may claim something we can’t back up and get called out, at which point we’ll say it came from someone else, that we’re just repeating what we’ve heard. Or, like men do, we may feel overwhelmed and tired and decide to play dumb to get out of an annoying task. We just do all of this verbally, through minor alterations of the expression (that imply honesty when someone scratches deeper) and through deflection.

    I think I generally do this less than most women I know and I make a point of avoiding doing it to Jon. But I’ve seen it enough to say that yes, women do it. All of us do it, all of us do all of it and we do it at least a couple of times a week.

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