EU reintroduces Captain Euro!–l1A881HJOg

Meet Captain Euro, the superhero of the European Union. Really.

His aim is to respond to the rise of euroscepticism and keep Europe united (really!).

Real-name Adam Andros, Captain Euro doesn’t have any super powers per se, apart from of course his “near superhuman powers of persuasion and ability with languages”.

According to his official website, he uses “the power of the intellect, strategy and common sense to solve humanity’s problems and defeat Europe’s adversaries”.


Why is he white?
There are some comics with Cameron and Obama. Then –

Oh and of course all superheroes need a supervillain to battle, and Captain Euro’s is Dr Dexter Viderus (Dr D Vider), who wants to divide and destroy Europe for his own personal gain.

laughing rdj crack up
Seriously, it’s propaganda against children.
Tell Internet Aristocrat and other #gamergate proponents. I don’t use Twitter.

What is the EU’s agenda here? Well, a few years ago, I stumbled across an internal Commission report that concluded as follows: “Children can perform a messenger function in conveying the message to the home environment. Young people will often in practice act as go-betweens with the older generations, helping them embrace the euro.”

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