Again, Media Violence doesn’t cause Real Violence.

This includes books, music, games and even porn. In fact, porn access causes rape rates to plummet.
This has always been the consensus. The people who said otherwise were self-interested researchers and lying feminists. They kept lying and saying it was settled to stop scientific enquiry that would prove them wrong.

In fact, when you count all forms of interpersonal conflict, in relationships women are more aggressive than men.


10 responses to “Again, Media Violence doesn’t cause Real Violence.

  1. Sorry to bother and to be off topic but I wanted to ask your opinon on the works of Mark Hatzenbuehler especialy his newest once that suposedly find that homosexuals in “high prejustice comunitys” die averegly 12 years younger then in more “tolerant” once. and the one were he argues that “homophobic” people live 2,5 years less then “tolerant” once.

    This person clearly has an agenda and his “research results” are dificult to believe, maybe you could look into it?

      • well the study says they checked for socioeconomic status as well as education for bout the comunities in question as well as for the homosexuals that were folowed.

        I guess there could be other differences between comunities that arnt captured by medium houshold income that make mortality bigger for the people living there after all the study states that even heterosexuals living in “intolerant” comunities had an about 50% higher chance of dying then thous in “tolerant” comunities, still for homosexuals the percentage would be 200% which is while not 12 years but 9 years which is much too.

        Sorry for the bad English Im not a native speaker.

      • Your English is quite good.
        Food, education quality (stress levels), genetic load (mutation build-up) all affect mortality. You have to consider, there are also more STDs in gay men especially, and those can weaken the body over time, and suicide or mental health issue indicate a weaker than average profile (less likely to exercise, for example).

  2. Thank you but the study didnt compare homosexuals with heterosexuals but rather 2 groups of Homosexuals so the higher death rate cant be explained by factors specific to homosexuals as a group.

    • And they varied by geography. But a person’s geography often leads to genetic variance, and the study was implying the main cause of difference was levels of prejudice, except prejudice is a skewed biased concept for enforcement of political correctness, a metric based on politics, not objective enough to be an independent variable. The researchers are biased.

      • So basicly your argument is that the homosexuals in the areas with high “prejudice” had independantly of it genetic reasons for dying more often then homosexuals in other areas, which had nothing to do with this “prejudice”? But since this homosexuals are the product of a certain population wouldnt this genetic factors affect the general population in this areas as well and not just the homosexuals?

      • It’s called an extraneous variable. In this case it’s sexuality. This is why correlation is not causation.
        Yes, but they didn’t compare to standard population, and we still don’t know what causes it.

      • well they partly did compare them, for instance they made some ajustments for averege household income and education level in the comunities, but not for crime rate and averege suicide rate.

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