Feminist Claudia Boleyn’s new video: You can’t be sad because starving children in Africa and cancer

She came back with another gem. It’s just. wow. such wow.

I am mostly posting quotes because Claudia has really twisted herself into an SJW pseudologic pretzel and I wanna record this, most of it isn’t worth the 2 brain cells needed for a full personal commentary rebuttal.

Claudia Boleyn: The most annoying thing that people can possibly say to you when you’re depressed, mentally ill, or otherwise just upset. (title card)

Yeah. Breaking a nail is equivalent to real suffering. Everything is personal.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Yes, it’s called a sense of proportion and perspective. Gratitude? Humility? I’ve lost you, haven’t I?

I didn’t realize that only one person in the world was entitled to compassion and love and attention due to negative circumstances at one time. Do I have to enter myself into a competition for this title? Since when did our misery [DS: MISERY!] have to be measured against other people’s misery and come out on top in order for it to be valid?

Wow. This is super-awkward. They have literally no idea what they look like to normal people huh?

Do these people [these terrible, terrible people] have some sort of mental hierarchy in their brains where they rank everyone from one to ten on the misery scale? [Metrics are oppressive social constructs] Do they know [those complete bastards] how silly and nonsensical they sound when they say this kind of thing to people?

No. No they do not.
On a serious note, you’re supposed to be inspired by another’s success and composure. Alien concept to the hate brigade of envy.

More than one person are allowed to be in pain at one time.

Yes, until the Government passes a law against it.

There is more than enough compassion and love [and medication] in this world to go around or so I hope.

Nod and back away from the crazies

I find this argument really disrespectful to people with cancer –

wait, you don’t have cancer. Your opinion is worthless. #NotYourShield

-because they’re going through a traumatic time themselves –

in your imagination….

-and you’re just deciding to use them –

and what are you doing right now? Right this second?

-to silence other people who are also, perhaps, going through something quite traumatic in their own lives.

She was born in England so as a fellow Englishwoman may I just apologise for her completely. Every cancer survivor I know is humble and would never feel ‘disrespected’ by a metaphor that acknowledges the enormity of their suffering and its toll on their loved ones too.

She is comparing herself to people with cancer – to win sympathy. And an argument. Has anyone told her Nigel Farage had cancer? The man she said this about (click for source) –

farageclaudiacancerbeingabitchHow disrespectful is that, Claudia? What love and compassion you demonstrate. The man also survived a plane crash, watch this video-

– and continue being a bitch while pretending to support cancer survivors. Or doesn’t it count if the victim is a man because Patriarchy.

And then there’s those slightly racist undertones going on with that starving children in Africa picture.

The truth is no excuse, apparently.

I mean yes, there are starving children in Africa. That is correct.

Omg, Claudia. Slightly racist. Hey, we already knew. This same girl who also said: “I cannot think of a single instance of racism against white people. … It’s like a weird victim complex going on.”

Africa isn’t actually a country.

Nobody said it was.

Africa is a huge and diverse continent –

Wow, you have an atlas you looked at once. Africa’s a lot bigger than the old maps suggest actually.

-full of lots of different, varied types of people in various situations.

You could’ve stopped at Africa is a continent.

Africa is not

oh no

no plz

some far-off monolith-

like a whole continent?

made up of pitiful brown people that we white people-

wait, hold up, you said in other videos and media you aren’t white, you’re mixed race. You don’t get to hop the race fence whenever you feel like it. Man, such a liar. Example:

mixedraceclaudiaagainwhythelies-can use in our disaster and white saviour porn.

But you’re using them right now. If you feel bad about X, you must feel bad about Y. Emotional blackmail.

What I’m saying is that your feelings and emotions are always valid and that’s because you’re feeling them.

You haven’t studied OCD cases, have you?
Therapists, qualified people, say just because you think something or feel something, doesn’t make it valid. For example, say a kid has an intrusive thought about axe-murdering his parents. It isn’t real and he doesn’t need to treat it as valid. To quote PsychCentral; “I think it is worth mentioning here that the intrusive thoughts of those suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are often no different than the thoughts of so called “normal people.” But instead of just accepting their thoughts as “just thoughts” and letting them go, those suffering from OCD may attach too much validity to them, to the point of becoming distraught at the realization that they could even think such horrible things. This reaction can fuel the strong desire to avoid these thoughts at all costs.”
In a depressive context, validating every errant thought and feeling is one of the worst things you could do. It’s called rumination and it makes everything worse. *takes scholar beret off* Back to Claudia.


It doesn’t matter what triggers them off, if you’re feeling them, then they’re important.

How’s that approach working out for you, post-suicide attempt? Should you really be giving out advice when it works out terribly for you? Is that responsible?

Do not get wrapped in some person’s small-minded, ableist, patriarchal misery grading system.

Q: Who is more oppressed and miserable: a white woman, a mixed race woman, or a black woman? Are they equal or are they graded?

Silencing people –

in what context? Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is crucial to etiquette.

-and making them bottle up their feelings –

we have an NHS. You can see a therapist for the low low price of free.

-can only lead to misery –

stiff upper lip works y’know, not all of the time, but some of the time. #thistooshallpass

-and sometimes it does lead to death.

Everyone will die eventually. Life leads to death. You mean suicide. Does your belief system lead to suicide? Sure feels like it.

If more people felt comfortable talking about their feelings

#HeforShe was a bust

then less people would hit crisis point and there’d be much less suffering in the world.

Male victims outnumber female 4:1, MRA stat. Don’t mention it. Ever. You hate MRAs.

If we live in a society where people are going to be labelled as attention-seeking, selfish, manipulative or drama queens for expressing their true emotions then less and less people are gonna reach out for the help they need when they hit their breaking point.

There was no basis for that claim whatsoever. Or any of your claims, but that one in particular.
People are labelled for what they are. You can have a problem, but you can also handle it in a socially unacceptable way i.e. attention-seeking, like comparing yourself to cancer victims. *cough cough*

So ignore those emotion-policing bullies –

and we’ll continue to ignore you thought-policing bullies.

-and the next time they tell you you’re not allowed to express your sadness [around them, at that time, a request from politeness or a sense of appropriateness] because there are children starving in Africa or there are people dying of cancer [do NOT question yourself and ask whether they have a point, that would be the adult response] ask them exactly what they are doing to help said starving children [like paying taxes to foreign aid, you wouldn’t know about that, being a spoiled student most of your life] and people suffering from cancer [taxes, again, NHS funding, thank the rich] watch them mumble incoherently and get really embarrassed [bullying, you’re advocating bullying] and then cry all over them because clearly they hate the emotion [manipulative].

You have every right to feel bad sometimes [agreed] and you have every right to express that [no].

Claudia Boleyn, everybody. Using selective metaphorical cancer victims and Borderline personality manipulative bullying to win a row. Encouraging guilt-tripping others into unnecessary charity work as a lazy non-taxpayer living in rich London off family members. Here she is doing a baby impression #firstworldproblems;

claudia boleyn baby impression crying

3 responses to “Feminist Claudia Boleyn’s new video: You can’t be sad because starving children in Africa and cancer

  1. Nice writeup. I don’t know who that girl is, but I found myself agreeing with you and her sometimes, too. If someone I cared about was really depressed (or had another mental problem, or a non-mental problem that was significant), I’d never tell them they are attention whoring or are bad, because somewhere out there someone has it worse. I might offer comparisons to make them see the positive, but without criticism. I guess the point of your criticism of her was focused on her hypocricy, rather than the idea that more than one person is allowed to feel bad at a time.

    And I agree that it’s also true that feelings don’t need to be indulged. That might intensify them. I’ve discovered that sometimes talking about it helps, and sometimes it’s a mistake. Sometimes focusing on other stuff is better.

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