Article: Aristocratic dysgenics in a multiracial society

What if the melting pot of multiculturalism was never supposed to combine? As oil and water?

Marxism is an academic artifact. They despise the native working class who never rose up, but the unskilled immigrant class might. 

  It represents a concerted effort by Marxist-spectrum supremacists to destabilize and generate class conflict where it hadn’t existed before by proxy of fomenting natural racial strife through immigration itself.

Taking the civilized out of Western civilization.

Why would they need to destroy the white races when all they need to do is slowly remove the greatness within the societies that protect them?

This explains barbaric excuses for modern culture.

Even the left-wing comedians are pointing it out;

A better explanation, I think, using racial divides to stir up the ultimate class war.
Some of those white first world genes could be useful to keep society actually running. Like a weakened slave class or something…

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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