What do these fat acceptance groups mean for fashion?

Not much.
Practically nothing.

It’s a business.
They do whatever sells. Therefore, most of what they sell is silly.  Expensive novelty.


And so, although the “beautiful, curvy, sexy, and I am ok with it” group is a noble cause, it is a bit of a hyperbole for them to state that Lagerfeld’s comments as being damaging to children and therefore worthy of a lawsuit. It is akin to art teachers protesting to teaching their students about Leonardo de Vinci, Picasso, and Monet as their oeuvre is unattainable to the average art student. Such a statement would be instantly labeled as ridiculous, but it serves to showcase how we as a society have become overly indulgent and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

clapping well done you tony

The seemingly unattainable model dimensions — nearly six feet tall and possessing a 32”-24”-32” body — are the perfect form to highlight contemporary clothes in the best possible light with regards to how society as a whole sees perfection. Modeling isn’t about the person in the clothes, rather it is about the clothes itself, how it moves on the body, how the design sparks desire in the viewer so that she wants/needs this item immediately. A girl who has an eating disorder as a result of seeing a skinny model on the runway or in a magazine has less to do with the image itself and more to do with her mental state and societal values.

burn gif

It’s time that we as a society accept that the industry is not going to change any time soon, especially when the almighty dollar is at stake. There is a place for big, beautiful, and bodacious women to be fashionable, and any move on the part of plus-size designers to make their clothes more flattering and stylish is commendable. But to try to change the industry itself with pithy lawsuits against unrepentant jerks a la Lagerfeld is but a futile effort.

Burn it down.

3 responses to “What do these fat acceptance groups mean for fashion?

  1. If you’re selling a design: you want it to be extreme. If you’re selling a pattern: you want it to reach the widest market (population, not bum size).

    The thing I’ve always wondered is why many other women are so desperate to look like models selected by gay men specifically (as the designers have mentioned many a time) because they most closely resemble clothes-hangers. You’d think that to a straight woman, being called a “pretty clothes-hanger” by a gay man would be an insult, not an aspiration.

      • And then the fattie-vists go the other way and claim men have no standards at all.

        And yes, it’s a lot easier to turn an abstract painting into streamline slim clothes than varied ones. But also marketing, consistency and wide application, when considering tamer outfits.

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